Climate Change project in progress: moving to Corfu, Greece
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 15 July 2015 at 12:12 AM

To make some light colors to the line of "Pope Francis: The Encyclical" motivators here it is something new. I and PG Cat are moving to Corfu, Greece. I will be doing some researchs, prototypes and special paintings, and PG Cat will be glad to meet his friends in Liapades Bay.

Everything`s going on and on in good speed, planes to investments and more Climate activities is structurising well day by day. Froo time to time I will post something actual about my work. Climate activity is also important: I will produce special motivators and wallpapers dedicate to movements of clean energy in many countries.  You can find all of the Pope Francis: The Encyclical seria is here

Just to remember, I am doing catamaran project as it`s described here   It means, my Climate Change art work and researchs to create new investments possibilities for many countries is the first part of Catamaran, and public PG Cat`s Climate work is the second part.

Both are carefully designed with many MindMaps in order to serve global needs. OMG, a lot of mind Maps to keep each wing of the Catamaran growing healthy ti the Paris 2015.

Keeping fidelity to my World Culture project which now contains many Chinese wise proverbs, I am adding relevant Greek proverbs as I will spend so much time at Corfu.

Use world culture to gain your own Antifragility and success. Stay with me. Wish you the best!





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