2014 Art project “Adizes Corporate LifeCycle: energy vision”
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 28 February 2014 at 03:50 PM No comments

Although we all interact as persons, LifeCycle represents by energies. It comes the same way as a season, sometimes it seems to be independent from human will. Sometimes we can change our energy. Anyway, this is the question of business and also of hunam life.

We, human, may be active and passive towards energies. A passive, reactive way is just to use the energy comes without our efforts,

Changes are coming, future are somewhere near
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We all have strong commitments with our future. Some people can feel it, some not. Some people trying many things to come into conclusion what`s not the true, what`s true. I feel future by several different senses. So it is important to gather all in one.

The way I have my visual diary, such as small funny drawings, is the best instrument to provide knowledge by intuition. From deepest

What are you doing right now?
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Hello everybody, it was so busy week so I didn`t write posts. Freecat the Wise, the best in the world IT specialist, spent his time doing upgrade to the blog. As a true cat he demonstrated his result (see previous post). He chose the most terrible cat so people could think I am crazy!..

 I was in shock too seing the roared hungry cat right on the first page of my blog!

Describing my past

Youtube favorite example clip - Hungry cat swears[Updated 02/25/14]
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I`ve started preparation to CyberWar-1 film
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Too long time passes while I think about CyberWar-1 YouTube film. It`s many anothers activities, also I didn`t understand clearly what and how. Many things seems completely new, many just complicated. Now I am starting.

I don`t know how many time it will take from me. Also Cyberwas-Section I isn`t revealed now. This is my first Social Project dedicates to my active position to help society to

I`ve attended to Sustainable Development course by Prof.Jeffrey Sachs
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Hello everybody, that week I did many additional things to current projects and even more. My work in management and other subjects, business experience, group leadership and others comes together naturally.

So I am going to develop that way.  It is funny to feel myself as a student again. A diferent kind of education I like, just needs to understand internal logic how to learn better in the

Wind of Changes
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I feel how changes come.

This is the first time of 2014 year I started ink drawings, with so great pleasure so I restricted myself from spend all night with it.

Such things is the method of thinking about things we can`t point directly.

Many of such drawings of the past year tell more then everything I can tell by myself. Looking so light and simple it is a lot of information inside for those

Between Future and Past
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 03 February 2014 at 02:57 AM Comments(1)

Last year I was fired by ideas, sometimes enslaved by it. I did more then 40 big size paintings in order to create new possibilities to educate, to aware, then to develop new line in arts. It was a period without any thoughts how to, just go and do it. Now I am standing near decision what the right order should be.

Adizes system project mostly is in my head so it seems no problem to paint

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