Wind of Changes
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 07 February 2014 at 10:49 PM

I feel how changes come.

This is the first time of 2014 year I started ink drawings, with so great pleasure so I restricted myself from spend all night with it.

Such things is the method of thinking about things we can`t point directly.

Many of such drawings of the past year tell more then everything I can tell by myself. Looking so light and simple it is a lot of information inside for those who will be able to read it. Also for myself.

How it flows? Preparing everything in Bamboo cabinet, the green place for Ink and meditations.

Then I was starting Ink drawing with one impulse and then allow it to grow, to show itself, to reveal the message.

My brush was dancing. My ink became a powerline from nothing to something.

Curves and lines, ink strokes soft, hard, dry, watered…

Revealing the image, revealing the message.

Than I was able to see it. To read.

It seems changes are coming.

Next time I will compare my previous images with today so it will be obvious.

What is it? Freedom. The top of a rock and full view to the sea and sky, the best position to a Capricorn, isn`t it?

So this is it.

Last night I created new shedle for that year, with full explanation of projects I will do till my Greece holiday.

So this is the new start, again, with new things coming, with fresh vision, vith energy, desire and hope.

Happy new Art year, Anna!






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