Sustainable Development: How to Develop your Perfect Work Place-2
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Let`s continue the subject how to make your perfect work place customized. The point is, if you want to do it in a short time, it needs at least 2 pauses in actions to let better ideas appear. That`s why after the first stage it needs a good meal, better outside to refresh mind:

Sustainability in personal and professional life creates sustainability in close and then in wide environment.

Sustainable Development: How to Develop your Perfect Work Place
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Hello dear friends, today is the fresh subject how to make your own perfect work place. As we all spend a lot of time working (I am spending even more) it is really good idea to organize everything in perfect way. It means to decrease losses and so to increase the positive result in better way.

Now I`ve started a very new area which takes a lot of time. From one hand it needs to learn one

World Culture Event: Russian Avant-garde Exhibition`s Fresh Report
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Hello everybody, today I was so lucky so received the invitation to the opening of new big cultural event. The exhibition will be opened for visitors tomorrow, and today it was the special day for journalists etc, so I attended to it. Here it is my small art-report. The event was organized in so fine way so everything works in unison. At the entrance it was the small orchestra playing music:

World Culture Pro: Sustainability, Antifragile, Procrastination
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Hello dear friends, today I would like to present you the next work from PG Cat concerns one of the challenging subject: procrastination. We all know what is that. The World Culture Project by PG Cat presents new wallpaper  (click the pic)

Chinese proverb:  The longer you wait, the more unexpected developments may occur


Our times is so fast so we must make decisions quickly having not

Sustainability is Antifragile, so use it
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Exectly in time, about how to win in our fast changing times. I am writing so many posts about neuro-network and how to turn it work into specific mode which use changes as a fuel. Today I would like to present you the book by "Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder"  

It is exellent to frame things I am working on and exellent to improve everyone`s capacity to

World Culture: Empowered Memory PG Cat`s Wallpaper-2
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Memory which is a product of our unique life experience, knowledge and message we want to keep is one of the most important things. That`s why there a number of movies about human memory which are placed into computers and so personality remains alive. That`s why here it is the second PG Cat`s wallpaper about the same chinese proverb (click the picture to download):

The Chinese proverb is:

Remaining Feeling of Stars
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Just to remind myself about stars and aims I must not forget among everyday small things. Now,  after a day with gongbi painting study, and one terrible software I must to learn, with all of that smallest things, I am thirsting for stars.

Last month I took some lectures about brain morphology. It provided me with important knowledge how we are different just by our birth, having the same

Imagination Joking-1: how I started in serious mood and what happened then
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Hello everybody, when one project`s stage has finished it is a natural gap. Many people stuck with it and feel out of inspiration, out of energy. The threatment is to have another project to work. It`s so exciting to keep mind full of new ideas in many direction, so I have a lot of ideas to change style of work and save my time.

The Nature-In project itself started from serious purposes.

#Climate Change 2015: two had finished
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Hello everybody, that year I continue #Climate Change project and now two paintings has finished. The difference from last year is, #Climate Change 2014 dedicated for scientific researchs and proves of the process, and now I am focusing on changes and human reaction.

The concept is rather unusual, especially who represents human. The first two panting are completely ready but, by the matter

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