Remaining Feeling of Stars
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 18 March 2015 at 07:35 PM

Just to remind myself about stars and aims I must not forget among everyday small things. Now,  after a day with gongbi painting study, and one terrible software I must to learn, with all of that smallest things, I am thirsting for stars.

Last month I took some lectures about brain morphology. It provided me with important knowledge how we are different just by our birth, having the same appearance we have our brain so different by structure, so it brings us completely different languages of feelings and different life maps. It explains scientifically many things I have by my own experience, so hard to describe and more hard to be understandable. It even have no words to describe properly. This is about core source of energy.

But all of us could be connected with it by multidisciplinary approach, a combination like in video.

That`s why I am painting. That`s why I am filming and prepare to make own music. That`s why I studied Physics and even now keep in touch with science. And more.

Artists who are investigating and inventing new directions, know it. Scientists, who want to see the horizon and above, know it.

That feeling, more powerful and bright then every another experience, more light then just a clear mind, and more broad minded… that feelings which reconstruct new picture from fragments, new synthesis which had never exists before, and then will be copying by others, the world puzzle with all knowledge, power, movement, colors, excitments, tides and low tides, moon and sun, trees, and all concepts melting in one core idea, beneth all words, above all human concepts, which all are a an outcomes from the core, all of this, it exists.

Music, colors and dancing is just a different aspects of the Core. It exists simultaneously, ethernal.

Everyday small things turns people out of that experience which many of them associate with religious feelings. Human religions is a consequences of the core, that`s why all of it belongs to the core but then run into different aspects. That`s why people should learn more and found the core. It`s shining. It provides us with raw pure power, allowing to create new better decisions in many fields. That`s why it is much more then just a temporary wish, or private opinion, or will for own interest. It exists without any interruption, just our mood doesn`t allow us to keep in touch.

So, when you want your own power back, or need power to provide your ideas into reality, listen stars. Found a music or a video which can bring you that feeling of vision above, touch your spirit and then move ahead, keepint it through everything everyday.

Wish you the best.

Anna who are refreshing by the music ahd now going to run and feel the stars.





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