China Adventure: TianTai Buddhist Temple-1
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My visit to China started TianTai mountings, one of the place Chinese Buddhism started. The first day of our visit we spent in the temple.

TianTai Temple is the beautiful complex with several buildings, from plases to rituals to places to pray and meditate, also it includes place monks live and garden. All buildings rounds by wall with small river along the front part of it. When we entered

Shanghai and Middle Autumn Festival
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Good day, friends, after about 10 days of silence I have to reveal what exactly happened in that period. First of all it was the full moon festival traditional for Asian countries names "The Middle-Autumn". It is special cakes for that day.

According to chinese legend Moon Fairy Chan-E lives on Moon with White  Rabbit who cook the Essense of longevity. So beautifully designed images of the

Hello from Shanghai!
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Hello friends, I am in Shanghai now, preparing to move to TianTai mountains tomorrow morning. The weather is so sweet then it is pleasant to shoot the film.

I am trying to be good with my camera, keep in mind screenplay of future film and bless my friends help me to be in wonderful places here.

The easiest way to post pictues is Instagram, it could publish it on my Facebook page although

To paint Prime point I need to be in Prime by myself
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Dear friends, sometimes it is not so clear how a story of a piece of Art influences it`s impact to the world. When an Art object has a story behind it turns to be more interesting, more attractive and so more powerful if an idea behind concerns circumstances of the artist did it.Such small things is important because our world is information.


My style and the technigue I developed

LifeCycle Art Project presents the next stage: Premature Aging Stage
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Hello friends, today i would like to present you the painting represents Primature Aging.
From strong connection and interaction in normal Adolescence stage deviations starts to make break when Adolescence goes to Divorce and in the last point of the process it will be Premature Aging.

  then     so

Such process seems easier sometimes. I daresay it is natural for those who
Contemporary General Management Education: A Critique by Dr.Ichak Adizes
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Dr.Ichak Adizes, one of the world’s leading experts on improving the performance of business and government through fundamental change , has published his critique to modern system of business education.
Look at the picture: I illustrated the behevioral result of mixture management education with real human behaviour.


"Contemporary General Management

I`ve just from seminar about usability of mobile applications
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I`ve just from seminar about usability of mobile applications by USABILITY Lab, the leader usability company in Russia . My reasons was not a direct interest to develop an application for my needs but to be updated about how the process is going on and what is the most modern trends. As a fan of information I enjoyed the seminar especially the second practical part.

Why I

Corporate LifeCycle by Dr.I.Adizes: Adolescence goes to Divorce
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Hello everybody, today i would like to present you the painting represents how the Adolescence point of the LifeCycle turns to Divorce and then causes Primature Aging. 
From strong connection and interaction in normal Adolescence stage:

  to Divorce 

There are no mistakes actually
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We all know that mistakes is not so good things when the time to pay comes. However looking backward we usually make a new mistake, a special one: to judge previous choices by knowledge we get from it.

Such mistake is the one which grabbes our energy, devaluates our seaching experience. Sometimes it is used by society to harness us by artificial perfectionism in order to stop our attempts and

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