Shanghai and Middle Autumn Festival
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 23 September 2013 at 01:48 PM

Good day, friends, after about 10 days of silence I have to reveal what exactly happened in that period. First of all it was the full moon festival traditional for Asian countries names "The Middle-Autumn". It is special cakes for that day.

According to chinese legend Moon Fairy Chan-E lives on Moon with White  Rabbit who cook the Essense of longevity. So beautifully designed images of the rabbit and the fairy decorate many objects from big sculptures to candy boxes.

Chinese supermarkets decorate with big red lantens a week before the celebration:

This is the view of Carenfor, one of the big supermarkets in Shanghai situates just near the place I live. All seems joyful and beautiful inside.

This is the long line of different types of Moon Cakes - special food to Moon festival. The stuffing of the cakes is different so I was able to found several vegetarian moon cakes here:

Tonight I and my friends set on the big balcony and feasted round full moon eating cakes, desired our wishes, listening traditional Chinese Music in harmony and then we went to see an interesting film about anthropology "Incredible Human Journey".

It was the first Moon festival I celebrate here, in China, with friends in taditional asian manner. It was exciting, Moon cakes was tasty and the full moon was so beautiful then I believed all of our wishes stated to come true.

Next post I will tell you about my trip to Tian Tai mountain, one of the eldest centre of Chinese Buddhism and so beautiful place that I hardly believe it is real.

Thank you for being with me, come back to my blog because I am back and will be here for you as usual.





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