Movie in Prime
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This is at least two reasons to make a film about painting process. First is to provide each future painting with the film about it, may be educational film too. It is an interesting thing, also proves the painting is really made without printers, projections etc technical equipment.  My art is the real Art.


The second is I felt this is the time to gain the next step.
Divine beauty
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Nature represents divine beauty  much more then anybody else. As long as natural places remains pure and safe we can see how math and ohysics represents by gentle curves and  shapes and rules… see divine rules by own eyes. It`s amazing.

Water in TianTai mountings changes it`s colour from transparent to cloudy, then to light jade and than to bright jade colour, the same as bamboo stems. It was

What is the danger of Creation?
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Is Creation dangerous?

Being an Artist and a scientist I want to say: this is true. It could be dengerous in some way. Last week Ichak Adizes wrote in his article:

"Why Being Creative is Dangerous?

I mean dangerous to your personal life, to intimacy.

 Study the biographies of great artists in all fields. Many have had more than one divorce. Some never marry. Or never remarry. Some live a

Simple body pleasures
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Sometimes happiness is simple.

Walking with my new camera in 2 hours, making field work and shooting matherials for my new films, enjoying crystal cold air, dreaming about thousand possibilities exists just in 10 min from my work place… It is amazing. I was cold in one hour, with my fingers frozen. And I was frozen in next one hour. Enjoying such a rare feeling of freshness in so sunny day,

Fall in love with Green-Green
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Love is feeling associates with people. Butit makes broad minding as a main character so love could be with everything surrounds you. I fall in love with green, green bamboo and jade waters of TianTai mauntains. Such a divine beauty, so elegant, so perfect.

I could spent ages just starring how bamboo growth, how it rustles playing wth winds and how waterfalls caress my eyes with streams comed

I went to TianTai mountains to fix myself in Prime
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Feelings and knowledge works together forming a precious understanding of reality. It reflects the real energy of life. This is the way I live. Things I feel I want to know and to paint. So it was a challenge to paint Prime - the hight point of the Lifecycle.

To create Prime   I want

... to be Prime by myself!

The Prime is optimistic, with natural growth of all possibilities, growth with

Adizes Corporation LifeCycle: Prime Point
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Dear friends, today I would like to present you the most desired position of Lifecycle. Also we want to gain it and to stay in it in our professional, social, family and private life because It is the greatest relief after Adolescense stresses and the fresh optimistic energy we want to enjoy. From Adolescence:

  To Prime 

The most complicated thing was to organize conversion from
China Adventure: TianTai Buddhist Temple-3
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TianTai Buddhist temple was one of the most impressive places I`ve ever seen. So fine shadows of green, gray, and shining of waters! I wished to stay here for a month, without any technical devices, just with my brushes.

That visit I dedicated to work, to shoot film and fotos, so I had no really meditative time being alone. Hopes it will be possible once in future! But I forced my mind to

Your power to handle a crisis
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Crisis is not something rare as a comet in the dark ages.  We listen the word "crisis" more frequemtly, also internal crisises accompany us as signs our growth. Sometimes we can feel ourselves snatched with harsh necessity of circumstances without our will or fault.

Our world turns faster, new generations growth with unlimited Internet access and iPhone since they are 8 months old (it is

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