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Author: ANNAmain • Date: 31 October 2013 at 08:58 PM
This is at least two reasons to make a film about painting process. First is to provide each future painting with the film about it, may be educational film too. It is an interesting thing, also proves the painting is really made without printers, projections etc technical equipment.  My art is the real Art.


The second is I felt this is the time to gain the next step.
Since I finished my courses forabout film directors, ads and PR I had no wish to do it. But now it changes.
I realized myself with vision how it will be. I decided to do it.
The process can`t be deputized. Ready-made decisions doesn`t allow me to paint free or has a risk to drop camera. So made a damage to the painting and my head. Therefore it was no standard decision to suit my conditions well. 
So it needs to design my own construction. 
I tried several engineering decisions, sometimes the camera was nearly droped. I kept it at the last moment.
Horizontal part of the first construction was made from metal so vibrated too much and made focus unclear. So the first part of the film looks strange.
Eventually I made functional structure with 2 ladders.  Stable enough to protect the camera from mastodon in case it comes in my work place. Wide enough to allow me to move.

Several times I used the camera uncorrectly but it was the price for the first attempt. Then I did it better.

When the painting was wet it was problems with patch of reflected light.

According to my scenario it must be only my hands in the frame, no head, no another parts of the body. No chance to shoot another take so I painted with extra care.

It requires a particular tempo of movements because of technical limitations of my camera.
How to paint in such restrictions as I acustomed to be absolutely free?..
Not easy too.
But I want the film more. I want the next stage.
After the first success I found the ladder-based construction unconvinient and tryed to construct a new one. Much more light but with the same stability.
It needed some engeneering ideas with tripods and to develop the horizontal part good to prevent vibration.

Light positions and angles should be easy to change.

Everything in construction should be stable and flaxible at the same time.

Easy reconstructed and reorganized for 2 cameras or several light sources.

Easy to change the construction for different work places.

Also it needs to keep in mind how it will be directed in the film with several frames.
Now I develop everything enough to forget a headache about engeneering things.

Now I prepared to paint my new work. So interesting how it will be! Never try it before, will be something new. So changes comes, so future comes.







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