ClimateChange UN 2014 project: transition to the next stage in Sustainable way
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First 4 paintings for ClimateChange project`ve finished. After 2 days of preparation I`ve started the next stage consists from 4-5 paintiings.

Preparing descriptions ans the ready presentations for the whole seria.

Transition from one natural step into another isn`t an easy one. Even when you control everything by yourself having all authority and skills, working in collaboration with the

#Climate2014: how to make transition to the next stage of development
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Hello friends, yesterday 4 big paintings was finished, I had a breath and formed the line of logical story for it. What is the aim of the project? To mirror the significant event of human history we have now as the main function of art. Also I care about new function to use all art object for educational purposes.

The modern trend is to have proper education which helps us to understand wht`s

Climate Change 2014 Project: How to manage Sustainable Growth
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Sustainability means balanced chain of changes based on scientific planing with really good management. That way many things which normally thought to be impossible became possible and more, possible with minimum charges and zero waste. Sustainable development means effective and efficient actions in short and long run. All of this are applied into my project work.

Let me to start with an

United Nations: Climate 2014 New York conference
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That`s why I am working so hard: this is a significant moment in whole human history I am mirroring, and all of my endeavours is for future.

"We have to keep our focus on 2014 as the year when most of the work needs to be done…"

As education is one of the pillars of sustainable development I have it in mind during all of my project work. Public attention to the chain of changes which grow

Climate Change project: next 2 painting`ve started
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I’ve finished the 1st stage (contours) for next two painting with work names "Drought" and "Tornado". It is a lot of challenges here, especially because I am trying to film everything. Sometimes it is a strange feeling.

In my nearest past I just had felt the impuls and then painted whatever I wanted, without any worry about time or position, or details. Everything came in natural way so it

One day of Project work; 500 days by UN call for better future
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All news for today, till current moment 3:33 AM when I am falling asleep right on my painting. The biggest painting is growing healthy from 1 stage:

5 minutes ago I`ve finished the 3d stage, the most part of the black contours, hundreds small and smallest black lines covers all over the 110 X 90 cv painting represents the first Kondratieff wave


Climate Change Project: the first 5 paintings
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Today I finished in conturs the biggest painting to Climate Change project. This is significant moment, MDG Momentum: UN launches 500 days of action to build a better world. Just yesterday Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon`s marked 500 Days of Action for the MDGs. I am doing it.

At that moment I have 5-6 paintiings have to be ready to the first week of September and additional 6 the first in the

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Ready for the mission
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Many things depend of a specific mood to be done correctly. I`ve done the first after Corfu Nordic walking. 2 km with additional 5 kg weights on my arms and anklets. Feel happy, strong, ready for the mission.

Many things to be handle now is more simple to handle. Feeling the body as the ready mashine for missions, for creation, for implementing thoughts into reality, this is the best from

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