#Climate2014: how to make transition to the next stage of development
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 28 August 2014 at 07:35 AM

Hello friends, yesterday 4 big paintings was finished, I had a breath and formed the line of logical story for it. What is the aim of the project? To mirror the significant event of human history we have now as the main function of art. Also I care about new function to use all art object for educational purposes.

The modern trend is to have proper education which helps us to understand wht`s going on and to make sustainable decisions what to do. When we gain good education we can make forecasts and make aims more clear and more achievable. We can feel our future is in our hands and be prepared to do it in better way, starting from our own life.

Climate Change causing by human influence is one of the side effects of our development. However we still in developing stage. Human race is young. If we use the fine toolof Adizes LifeCycle it is obvious: different countries occupy Infancy, Go-Go and Adolescence positions. This is trajectory still full of challenges and unharmony which we just starting to move to harmony and prosperity. Although Infancy stage seems much more miserable as Adolescense, both had normal, abnormal and pathological problems.

My last year Adizes Corporate Liffecycle project represents the educational purpose of my brunch of art. We all live under the natural law of Lifecycle the same way as we live under the physical law of gravitation. So, having education about how such laws work and how it influence our life we can overcome challenges and make forecasts. Also we can use that knowledge to evaluate what`s happens with others and how it concerns our future.

Just three examples:

  Infancy stage of development

Compare with Go-Go stage

Adolescense :

As our civilization create so mighty potential in technology, this is side effects as challenges of each point of the LifeCycle. People who vote for primitive life are trying to turn LifeCycle back which is impossible. No way to do it. So it needs to check positions our civilization have normal problems of development, check abnormal and pathological problems such as anthropogeny influence to climate and make transition to the next stage of development.

Human race is challenging to move to Prime and Stable stages of Lifecycle.

Millenium development goals by United Nations, and Sustainable Development Goals for post-2015 year is the plan to move. Every position of the plan represents how to resolve abnormal and pathological problems of each stage and conditions to make transition to Prime and Stable.

Just have a glance to Prime

and Stable

The differencies is obvious.

Even the character I created represents one of the MDG - needs to empower weman and gender equality.

I mean, although I did the Corporate LifeCycle project much earlier then Climate Change project both of them are related.

LifeCycle is the best forecast for our orientation. We can explore information about Sustainable Development as our transport to gain next stages, Prime and Stable. We can feel by own experience how it is vital for living beings to growth from developing stages to full blossom. How natural it is tomake so transition. How natural our problems is.

How it is vital to check abnormal and pathological problems such as Climate Change caused by carbon economy.

So, having related projects, I am forming new line of art objects (paintings) for educational purposes.


You can explore what does it means by Infancy stage of development here annamain.org/site/comments/the_third_point_of_the_adizess_corporation_lifecycle_the_infancy/

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 Prime annamain.org/site/comments/adizes_corporation_lifecycle_prime_point1/

and Stable annamain.org/site/comments/artproject_adizes_corporate_lifecycle_stable_point_has_finished/










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