ArtProject “Adizes Corporate Lifecycle”: Stable point has finished!
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 29 November 2013 at 11:02 AM
Dear friends! Today I would like to claim the Stable point has finished! So great relief! smile
Firstly that seria has the purpose to help people to learn more in close assotiations with real life events. 

That`s why pure energies of life represents by human figures and faces in that partucular seria. From Prime point:

  to the Stable:

"Stable point" is one of the most complicated paintings because of my internal work and changes I`ve done in whole production cycle while I was doing the Stable. It was several insights during it causes new understanding of the particular process. Several important things in the life too.
The first question was how to growth from Prime to Stable.
The second: how to let observers feel the Stable as natural point to take care, pay attention and so make Prime and Stable longer in time.
The base archetype for Stable is the most ancient one represents Goddess-mother. From cave period till now people pay respect to Goddess-mother archetype in many religions.
The Goddess Cave Venus is self sufficient so represents   vitality of (P) only so doesn`t fit the project. St.Maria (and all pictures like it) represents completeness of her strict mission (A) so doesn`t fit too.
A model for Stable point should be growth in potential, with realization and perspectives and with long live during chenges.

Mother with 2 children, a girl and a boy, represents completeness of potential. Many people think about 2 different kids as a good stable family.
Here different ages of kids represents how an organization in Stable can create different projects and growths it in different points of their lifecycle.
Also it gives the painting energy of proactive (e)  style more then just a stability*.

Violet and red colours around the main figures represents changes.
Quick movement of changes outside and deep peace inside represents how low level of internal marketing allows to gather internal power to use it for constructive purposes.
Superior position of the figures represents (A) - Administration function of Management in Adizes system.

This is one momen to pay attention. Many people think about family, relationship, stability and growth as a natural things which are taken for granted.
Many people prefer to think everything will growth without their attention like a grass. But it`s wrong. Like in "Alice in Wonderland" it needs work just to stay stable in right position.
So I decided to make figures of kids shadowed by energies with yellow, red and gold colours. It means full potential is potential. It`s probability.
It needs work (P) (Production function of Management in Adizes system) to provide it into reality. 
It needs (I) (Integration function of Management in Adizes system) attention and care.
So the Stable point represents big potential in one step from the reality. It could turn people to ideas what to do to make all of such dreams real.

Round figure on the low part of the painting represents round table and also Earth globe as the field to growth without narrow limits.
Gold splashes of energy around the figures create gold threads. It forms new network around gold nuggets and more new network.  It represents new ideas, new products, new filials of organizations, new projects, new possibilities in changes.
The gold network growth more on the globe and comes to the people around the table. Realization of the potential gives power.
So it can be thought provoking for an observer.

This is the result.
It isn`t just a painting. This is the result of the way of 3 months thinking, attempts, insights, changes in technigue and whole process,  realization of new potential to make movie etc. A lot of everything.
As I have own insights during it, the painting is more personal then others. It`s more detailed. It has own history. Therefore it`s much more valuable then just one trom the seria.


think about it as the important prototype of the Stable. So I`ll paint another one in more simple manner if it`s required.
Thank your for being with me!





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