Art Investment: New 2015 Art works, protection and proves
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Hello dear friends, eventually my paintings dried and so here it is pictures. NatureIn is my innovation with new art philosophy, part of new art direction I`ve developed. So, here there are first-in-the-world paintings in that direction, technique and style.

In Arts everything depends from the position an artist and art objects occupy in an art direction. First comes innovators; individuals

Human beings: war between wild biology and genuine human brain
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Today we have the great problem: how to harness climate change and make our path to the better future. The bigger problem behind is how to use brilliant possibilities of human brain instead of wild biological evolution driving by food chains. Human should generate better decisions, but instead biolgical drivers are still the chief.

Biological drivers are simple. Food (money), sex and

New Ready-to-Use MEMEs to serve your communication
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 In modern informational reality cats are delegated to express people`s opinion in many cases.  We`ve invented new format of memes to serve your communication. Here it is new collection of 31 ready-to-use memes about motivation, job, taxes, politics, sex and cats:

For memes templates:    PG Cat`s Imgur and PG meme templates

Previous posts with PG Cat`s memes: Special seria of Memes for your

World Culture pro: similarities between China and Greece-7
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Our world became global, with global common interests. That`s why it`s so important to understand our similarities to make people working forward for better future. Antifragility layes in our culture which make us different from animals. Two great ancient cultural centres, China and Greece, looking so different, have the same wisdom in proverbs:



(more China-Greece here )

We are

Climate Change 2015 Project: resource-generating creation
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During my Corfu trip it was a lot of adventures. All of this are included in Climate Change project I am doing now, NatureIn part.

True creation, true new ideas have strong potential to generate resources of many kinds to the whole human society and to generate new ideas for next generations. 

A lot of mistakes and mistifications come from misunderstanding what`s real creation and what`s

Sustainable Development: Positive changes in Antifragile Way
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Density of information make significant changes without struggle. Subconsciousness Collective is changing by images much more then by words, because human are visual creatures. Simply sharing Climate motivators you can make that changes in Antifragile way, so people feel safe in climate actions and life choices. Go green, go solar, go smart.



Matched Wallpapers:



How we can make the world a better place by 2030
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We have all of the technologies to make the world better place today. The point is how to pass through ignorance and to turn on human minds, which now stuck in past century habits and life style. You can’t realize what`s your possibilities if you don’t know what they are. Share images and learn about SDG from TED talk

For more  images HERE  

The right decision is near,

Project Catamaran: the base for special seria
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Hello dear friends, today the topic is to make some hints to my current work I am doing in parallel with climate activity. You can see big pictures below.

I am from art and science,  charging my power from both by my special brain structure, preborn advantages and my education proved by life experience. The essense of science is to know things around the subject, in multi-disciplinary

World Culture pro: similarities between China and Greece-6
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Welcome to classical, friends! The rule of our brain is: writing makes brain developed. Both of abcient civilization know it!


Matched Wallpapers:


More here

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