Climate Change 2015 Project: resource-generating creation
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 16 October 2015 at 01:57 PM

During my Corfu trip it was a lot of adventures. All of this are included in Climate Change project I am doing now, NatureIn part.

True creation, true new ideas have strong potential to generate resources of many kinds to the whole human society and to generate new ideas for next generations. 

A lot of mistakes and mistifications come from misunderstanding what`s real creation and what`s reproduction.

To create the unique, original content is hard job. (Vice versa, compilation or rebuild/repost/rewrite/reused result  is easy and cheap).Today gift of creation is mixed by new habit to call "creation" any hand work or computer work activity. Reproduction, includes copy-pasting,  base on automatical processes (copypasting, printing), existing example (done by somebody else), or on concrete algorithms (do that, that and that so it will be the result close to the example). That`s reproduction,  sometimes a kind of production, but not creation itself.

Creation can`t be the close result from others, or example. Creation comes from synthesis of so many factors  melted in creator`s brain, changing, deflecting by unique experience and education, them embodiment with skills into a product. That natural law works for art, science and business ideas, which are more close to each others then it seems from the first glance.

Creation is not reproduction, that`s why it needs so much time and mind investment to be done. That core diffrencies means everything, that`s why in science and art everything have names of the person who invented, create the object or an idea. Unfortunately, ideas could be stolen, distorted and became weak by uncorrect popularization. Strong ideas serve society, but weak stolen ideas serve just copy-pasters budget. In our world, full of copy-pasted information, it`s the responsibility of an author to keep ideas safe to increase it`s potential to serve the world.

That`s why it needs to include all of the evidencies and the story of a project to the final product to make it safe from copy-pasters. In science, making PhD for example, you must claim what`s new was done and prove it is different from all others. That protocol has sense, at least it shows the story of each work from the beginning to point it`s roots. In Arts it is special system for investors from 7 positions to check and evaluate the exect art object. All of that means ensurans for interesting sides to make knowledge safe.

NatureIn is the long run project which has been prototyped now, with first five final products.

The idea, the technigue and the result was grown from my experience, personal researchs, science and art background. Innovations forms the matter of the exect paintings, and the environment became the part of each.  It was a lot of search and adventures with video records, so this is just several beautiful shots from Corfu, different parts:





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