Preparing to publish the ready 2014 Gallery
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Climate Summit 2014 is finishing and I am preparing to make public first 11 paintings of Climate Change 2014 Project.


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#ClimateChange 2014 Project: Important steps from #Climate2014 Summit
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#Climate2014 summit is going on and I am working on the 3d stage of the general plan: to mark the most spectacular moments in human history during the global event. For today it seems several important points. First is the People`s Climate March which covers the globe, see the map:

The second is the movement from Business. We know, the world as it is supported by busenesses to move forward.

Today, 23 of September 2014
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Today, 23 of September 2014, the Climate Sammit 2014 has started in New York. According to the general plan, this is the start of 3d stage of #ClimateChange 2014 project: the first project in the world which combine art, science, journalistic reportage and educational project in advance.

As we know from official sources like , "UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has invited world

Moving forward: Climate Summit by UN`s started
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There is no Planet B.

Acting on climate change is everyone’s responsibility.


Speaking about companies who became clean energy and so develop our future, just see the list on #CWNYC

Today we have the tipping point. Yesterday  and tomorrow technologies are here, in the top of changes. Even if you don`t interesting how climate changing, or you are a climate sceptic, just answer

Make your impact wide, make it real
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The hot news: I`ve opened public event and welcome everyone to participate. This is world wide event in the world wide web at Facebook so invite all of your friends from all groups you have membership. Link Share this image and the link via Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other resources. Everyone is welcome!

You know, our civilization

ClimateChange 2014: the big process`s started!
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Hello everybody, I was so busy several days so didn`t make posts here. So many processes need to be proceed, many new details appear, many new ideas too. Here it is the first bird from supporting project about Climate Changes.

You know, media has so huge power so noone could deny it.

Let`s harness it well to constructive purpose. I`ve started new Facebook Group, new Facebook event which

Climate Change 2014: Starting the Marathon presentation
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Today it is the start of cascade presentstion of the Climate Change project 2014.

United Nation calls for action and ask for collaboration people with different profession, making social inclusive movements. We have a historical moment both in natural reasons and human endeavours.

One of the most visible natural reason is increase carbon dioxide CO2 level. Our economy growth so much so it

New enviroment conditions calls for new theories in Management
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What is Wrong With Business Schools?
What is Wrong With Business Schools?

Today we have Climate Change which is a combination of normal changes in nature (such as Earth axis precession) and the results of human activity. A single person, even Dr.Evil, can`t create a big impact. Different persons too just because of lack of organization. But business is a targeted organized activity which

Lacquer finish for 11
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The 1st and 2nd stages of Climate Change 2014 project have finished, I am doing the lacquer finish for all of this. Can`t believe I did 11 big size paintings in so short time. In case I`ll forget it this is a lot of video about the process. Hopes to make the film soon. Founded several good quotes in Internet, one of them:

That`s right, physically it can be enough time but need to make a quick

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