ClimateChange 2014: the big process`s started!
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 19 September 2014 at 01:57 AM

Hello everybody, I was so busy several days so didn`t make posts here. So many processes need to be proceed, many new details appear, many new ideas too. Here it is the first bird from supporting project about Climate Changes.

You know, media has so huge power so noone could deny it.

Let`s harness it well to constructive purpose. I`ve started new Facebook Group, new Facebook event which will be announced with all links tomorrow and everyone are welcome.

In addition I`ve started the line of pictures ready to share. Below you can see 640 pixels format good for Instagram, and the advanced one ready to share any way you like.

Information with fresh content, vision, combination of design and information works for a purpose. At least it makes eyes easy while minds are reading the information.

It will be big seria of pictures I will do. Also it will be the great process I will manage by Facebook group and events and everyone will have your chance to express you ideas and so I will make very customized image for you purpose. Let`s start it! In such a context share is an act of constructive influence to the world. Any voice worth to be listened!

I would like to do it right now. But I am so tired after several day of intensive strategic planing and realization so I am falling asleep right here on my keyboard

see you tomorrow!sklf ghl;sgvmipK







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