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Author: ANNAmain • Date: 20 September 2014 at 10:42 AM

The hot news: I`ve opened public event and welcome everyone to participate. This is world wide event in the world wide web at Facebook so invite all of your friends from all groups you have membership. Link Share this image and the link via Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other resources. Everyone is welcome!

You know, our civilization becomes visual. But in discussions about important problems still too much words.

People playes and manipulates by words. Anothers can`t retell ideas correctly. We are loosing time and power speaking-speaking-speaking.


Because words are disappearing easily. They might have double sense, perverted by emotions.

People are loosing the essense of debates. Not everyone could read big 1000-pages reports.

So what to do with great movements undermined by too many words?

How we can spread ideas wider?

I have the solution.

During the event our ideas will be interpreted into Infographics like this picture.

Make your impact right now, during Climate actions of Columbia University and Earth Institute, right the time Climate Summit by UN are going.

Collect links, discuss, and your opinion will be put into Infographics. So you will have the powerful tool to share it as wide as it possible, using all of advantages of Internet.

Another good news is I am hosting the eent for a long time. Two weeks is good, if you are busy in one day, you can participate next day, or where you have time. You will never loose discussions because you can read it later. Then make your impact.

We will share our results and make Climate endeavors well supported.

Welcome to the 2-week event!





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