Happy New Lunar Year!
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Today is the great Asian celebration of New Year - the Year of Horse!

Congratulations for everyone, health, happyness, prosperity, new tasks, new achievements and insights!

Layers inside
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A process of thinking and insight is complicated. Sometimes we can catch the moment of the result which is the top of an iceberg. What do you think about a challenge to observe a little bit more?

I have it. This is happiness of freedom, creation and knowledge.

I am a witness how mindmapping process goes on in my mind.

I am a witness how my future paintings, sometimes more then 15

“Green power” and Sustainable development
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Now I am preparing new plans to the year and check some metherials from places and events I attended. One of them is documentary from my 15 of January  visit to the expert discussion "Green Growth" and Sustainable development, Gaidar Forum, 15 of January 2014.

Energy is the source of life. Sustainable development is thing everyone wants.


Sometimes it`s a local task, for example sustainable

Preparations to Start
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After so busy week I have my pleasure to get enough sleep. Once in my life I had an experience of 4-hours sleeping per day during 10 days. It seems like a life but without any wish to live at the end. So my first step for the start is to sleep well and then to take 2 big glasses of water for painting.

Nobody knows why I need 2 big glasses and why cold water must be taken from the bathroom,

Two Different Ways to combine Business and Arts
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All round tables and expert discussions I’ve attended at Gaidar Forum were really interesting. I made a brief conspect using mind maps, now it will take some time to reflect on each of these events. Now I’m thinking about different approaches to solve problems that were discussed.  For example the problem how to integrage Business and Arts.

It seems the are two ways to carry out this

Important things come in time
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Hello friends, last week I was running here in there trying to visit 5 round tables simultaneously at Gaidar Forum 2014. Eventually I confessed it`s impossible and choose 3 big meetings. One was Green Energy expert meeting, the second was “Shaping the Future of Business Education” Panel discussion. You can see at the picture a brief glance to the speakers:

From the left to right you can see:

I am going to 2014 Gaidar`s Forum - sustainable development in the context of global transformations
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Hello everybody,

The reason I am trying to do as many things as it possible is the nature of time. The river of time never stops. Yesterday it was like a single lake without waves. Today it seems as a fast stream. Tomorrow it will be a huge flow of things comes somultaneously.

When a project is MindMapping and put into subconsciousness processor it will be developing during the period
How to define the moment to Start
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Hello dear friends, today this is the question how to catch the right moment to start. Right moment is so important so we can do complicated things easily, starting in right place, in right time. What is the key to define that moment?

Keys… the key… It can be different. If you feel the energy tide from inside, this is the right moment. If you see a situation call you this is the right moment

2014 Adizes Art Project: it`s started!
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Ok, the holidays finished and I am going to work! Several lectures per week and  many plans surround me all time.  Today I`ve started the process!

It`s the most annoying job in whole painting process: to put canvas on frames. They says I should enjoy it as a kind of meditation. I sould but actiually don`t. It`s seems as a waist of time. That`s why I prefer to it all frogs one time and to put

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