I am going to 2014 Gaidar`s Forum - sustainable development in the context of global transformations
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 14 January 2014 at 06:58 PM

Hello everybody,

The reason I am trying to do as many things as it possible is the nature of time. The river of time never stops. Yesterday it was like a single lake without waves. Today it seems as a fast stream. Tomorrow it will be a huge flow of things comes somultaneously.

When a project is MindMapping and put into subconsciousness processor it will be developing during the period another things calls to attention.
I prepared everything to the new start with new gallery "LifeCycle Energy Dance", made Mind Mapping for 3 films, and started with new deeds to develop all of it.
Canvas prepared.
Frames prepared.
Colours - prepared.
Everything for filming - prepared.
Let`s go!..
But not at all.
... Now I was called to deducate a week for my family and to help my friends by my professional knowledge.
Yesterday I was invited to join 2014 Gaidar`s Forum  http://www.gaidarforum.ru/en/  . This event is one of the major annual international scientific conferences in the field of economy in Russia. I will join it tomorrow for 4 days with all of my professional skills - as a scientist, journalist, also as an active member of society. As an Artist who can mirror the modern days situation in arts.
. In 2014 the Forum will take place on January 15-18 and will be dedicated to one of the most important modern challenges –  sustainable development. The conference "Russia and the World:  Sustainable Development" will focus on such top-priority issues as economic growth in the context of global transformations, its potential and effective management, risks associated with innovative entrepreneurship, new industrialization, contradictions of resource-based economies and controversial effects of modernization for the country’s socio-political and economic development.
I am really interesting to see everything through the prism of Adizes system.
It`s a pity to confess the delay with painting and filming I desire to do immideately.
It is happiness to be possible to do things important to the present moment.
Anna has many possibilities to keep an eye many things, just she wishes to have a little bit more hands to do everything in one time.
It is possible also, I hope.





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