Hello from Great Britan!
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Hello dear friends, I am writing from Burmingham, UK. I am here with one week visit. Just several pictures. This is the centre of Burmingham city "Bullring".

Amazing place in which you can see both modern buildings (a huge shopping cence at the left) and an ancient church at the right.

Speaking shortly, this is just a glance for the happy moment at the end of busy day. It`s so nice to sit

“UN calls for action 2014: Climate Change” Project
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Hello everybody, I spent a week doing some important redesign for my site according to my current activities. A lot of work was done! Now  I am back to my current project "UN calls for action 2014: Climat Change".

United Nations calls for special attention for Climate change in 2014 year. Just 9 days ago I started my new project for UN Millenium Development Goals dedicated for Climate Change.

Sustainable Development art project: started at the significant day in human history
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That weekend 15 of June 2014 I`ve started my new project for UN iniciatives concerns planetary boundaries. It starts with 2 first paintings about the Keeling curve and Ocean Acidification. Usually I don`t show my project books while a project is processing. However today this is the strong reason to do it.


Just one hour ago I was updated, that weekend concentrations of the greenhouse gas

Climate Summit 2014: Go Ahead, Innovate, scale-up, cooperate.
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I was preparing for being the part of the global UN projects from last year, summer 2013, and now it`s going on. Now I`ve just make some quotes to mark the start and what is the base for my work.

May 2014: Abu Dhabi Ascent Links Prospects for Greater Prosperity to Action on Climate Change.


UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said:

"I challenge you to bring to the Summit bold pledges.

An entrance to make a choice
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Having a lot of information and plans we need a good sense to detect what`s should be closed, what should be open. Sometimes it is not an obvious thing from our feelings. Curious, how to do it in easy way! One simple thing is really helpful, it is good sleeping.

When we sleep, our neuro network works in deep silence, without thoughts formulated by words. Eyes became shining and so, in good

Tired and Free
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Today I finished one long document. It finalized the story of last several months, full of struggle and activities. it is not easy to be involved in group dynamic. it was a lot of cases among people so many times I sweared to work alone as usual to keep my effective and efficient work style. Not the first phase is in the past.

I collected all evidencies in quotes and dates to allow people to

How to make Effective and Efficient ProjectWork
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Hello everybody, I`ve just started to participate one important Sustainable Development project in South Africa. I see passionate real doers who have power to make significant changes in the world.  I would like to make introduction how I do my project work and so you can learn something useful for yourself.

We all live in complicated world. People who tell you things are easy or offer you to

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