Changes in Life: four faces of Buddha
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Sustainability means you are facing changes but never become fragile from it. It means flexibility under control and various of sensors to check what`s going on around. The best symbolic representative of that idea is that statue of Buddha with 4 faces.

Human feelings is our natural indicators to provide our internal  neuronetwork with data from outside and make our decisions. Stable, Joy,

I`m just returned from Japanese flute Shakuhachi concert
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I`ve just from the club in which my favourite artists performed Shakuhachi music.

 Shakuhachi is the meditative flite designed for Japanese buddhists monks. Not easy to play and much more to feel right the gentle shadows of natural sounds and unusual rhytm of music. It was seria of ancient classical songs composed at the beginning of Japanese branch of Buddhism, also my friend, BambooWay

Nature-In Project in Progress: some Experiments
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Ok, I am at the middle stage of prototyping for my Nature-In project. Everything should be tryed by experiments in every detail, because all things I want to show is new in technology and ideas. Not an easy thing, because this is no way to change something in case of a mistake.

The idea about Nature-In project cames to me last summer, while I was doing my Climate Change project 

Joking Imagination-2: Unexpectable Results of my Experiment
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Hello everybody, I`ve bought very new kind of rice paper and used the impuls of changes into an experiment. Impuls of changes comes to us when we found a new field of activity, that`s one of the most important natural laws for energy distribution.

Long ago, in my school time I read the "Pillow Book" by Sei Shonagon, 11-th century Japanese writer . The

World Culture: Motivating Strategy Wallpaper by PG Cat
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Hello everybody, today I would like to present you Motivating Strategy wallpaper by PG Cat`s World Culture project. Our subject is time. Time is one of the rarest thing you unable to buy. And nobody can. Lifecycle is our preset law so the best thing to do is to know how it works in order to catch you best moment. (click the pic)

Speaking about how brain works, it is the objective periods of

Nature-In Project in Progress
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Today I`ve finished some experiments with matherials and effects and start the next stage of my Nature-In project. The special feature of Nature-In is it was started exectly the place was painted and contains all elements of the nature around, includes solt water of the sea, surface of the stone and sun which dried my colors right on my brushes.

Look at the picture:

That rock is in about

Pre-born Vision: the way how brain works
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When I took my lectures about brain work, I realize how it`s important to learn such things in time. Human brain has much more mutability then our bodies. Some people are  born with additional fields of brain, and in fact we have more then 5 senses. We have 19 specialized brain fields for perception, includes gravity, angle, pressure etc. We have much more then shows in everyday life.


World Culture: Antifragile Strategy Wallpaper by PG Cat
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Hello everybody, today I would like to present you the new wallpaper from World Culture seria by PG Cat. It describes one of the most important question in our quick times: how to create our own Antifragile strategy and gain success and good luck. (click the pic)

The original Chinese proverb at the base of that idea is: "Certain bad luck is actually "a blessing in disguise."

The ancient

Sustainable Mindset: Antifragile way to support strong thoughts
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Personal sustainability is not just an idea. It is the best way to keep Antifragile life style which is much more productive, healthy, effective and efficient in short and long run and obviously much more pleasant in our fast time changes. To keep it you need to have an optional rest, which means a good choice between public and private high quality life.

I would like to present you one of

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