Nature-In Project in Progress: some Experiments
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 24 April 2015 at 02:56 PM

Ok, I am at the middle stage of prototyping for my Nature-In project. Everything should be tryed by experiments in every detail, because all things I want to show is new in technology and ideas. Not an easy thing, because this is no way to change something in case of a mistake.

The idea about Nature-In project cames to me last summer, while I was doing my Climate Change project  in my UK and Corfu trips.

It was a long run with filming, tryes, planning, all in rush, all new, based on my UN Sustainable development Education. So I wasn`t so free in attempts and design of the project, because it was required to make all connected with the scientific researchs of the subject.

Imagination screemed for reedom so I designed my Nature-In at the same time and made the first several prototypes with filming all of the process. Nature-In project is the part of the Sustainable development long run project, one of the most important subject for our future.

I am at the middle stage of prototyping now, ok, just to remind you what`s special for my Nature-In innovation: all of the special elements of the environments are naturally included in the painting, and I invented the conditions for Nature-In style: the place for painting should be distant and not an easy to access, certainly not painted by photos of others. In addition, the whole process should be video documented and well described.

Chemistry is also needs to be tryed. I want to try several mixtures with alum and other ingredients, in different proportions. As I have literary zero information about it, I am planing to ask my Chemist friend about the scientific base, then to try something spontaneously (as all ingredients are safe) and then to make a seria of attempts with the whole protocol for chemical experiments. I truly hope it will not be too much long because I found combination of arts and chemical strict protocols uncomfortable, rather annoying. But what to do? I should try several ways until I found the best one.

Seems easy but it is not so. I am not sure the way I`ve founded is the best and the most prospective for the next steps of the project so I have to make pauses regularly to prevent myself of tired-eye syndrome and from stupid mistakes.

The beginning of my Nature-In project described here here





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