Changes in Life: four faces of Buddha
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 29 April 2015 at 08:57 AM

Sustainability means you are facing changes but never become fragile from it. It means flexibility under control and various of sensors to check what`s going on around. The best symbolic representative of that idea is that statue of Buddha with 4 faces.

Human feelings is our natural indicators to provide our internal  neuronetwork with data from outside and make our decisions. Stable, Joy, Sorrow and Anger represent on the statue reflect the one stable, antifragile centre of our human nature which has different surface reactions to keep in touch with the external movements. The point is to stay at the centre being sensitive in periferal. That`s why Buddhism is the Middle way, the most Antifragile idea which keeps you safe whatever it is.

Yesterday I was the conference about influence of Russian Avant-Garde to the world movement. it was several interesting reports, then I came to the  another exhibition and played some funny game.

Hello Merilyn, don`t be sad just take some chikolate and dance! smile

Hello,Ernest Miller  Hemingway, let`s describe what we are witnessing.

Win with you, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill!

Four faces of our reflection for the reality with one stable centre is the best Antifragile strategy, isn`t it?

Wish you to be stable, be flexible with one centre and be Antifragile!

Thank you for being with me!

Anna and 4 faces-Buddha








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