Just for fun :)
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I am learning China and English by iPhone Memrise app. Great! smile)

#14 2012, LifeHack Seria: “Ascension”
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The description is short: before you gain your freedom - mental, physical or spiritual - you need to reject masks. Not only yours, but masks of old relationship and false time-lost processes too.

It`s the question how to live without musks because any siciety or social inteaction bases on a number of masks. But as you grow from it you could recognize advantages and disadvantages, revise

Seasonal Things I Like
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Strawberry! Cream! Sugar too! 8-)))))

Tired Anna needs to recharge
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OK, the season is nearly close and I feel myself so axosting then forget things I like. I wish nothing, feel nothing. That time I have to control the state with remembering. So I try to remember…

This is my beloved place in TianTai mounting. Today I`ve lost my feelings but I can remember how it was, remember it just frim the picture I did a few dayes after I returned. How silet the water was

#13 2012, LifeHack Seria: “Time to Hatch”
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 07 June 2012 at 12:47 PM Comments(1)

This painting is fucused on the moment a creature abandon a cocoon. This is the remarcable process takes time and it needs to be just in time to keep a ceature healhy and completely formed.


Butterfly gets out from a cocoon, a chicken - from an egg, it`s objective natural processes. A birth of a human child is more complicated because a mother is the active participant of the process, but

My #12 2012, LifeHack Seria: “Commitments”
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Commitments is the part of our life. Sometimes you commit for one job and then it started to growth in an unexpectable size, or people starts to make troubles or extra obligations. Even if they like you, commitments could increase. So have your ever feel yourself fixed?

It seems as Gulliver bounded by Lilliputians with his hair. Even if one hair strand isn`t strong here it is thousands

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