My #12 2012, LifeHack Seria: “Commitments”
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 04 June 2012 at 01:10 PM

Commitments is the part of our life. Sometimes you commit for one job and then it started to growth in an unexpectable size, or people starts to make troubles or extra obligations. Even if they like you, commitments could increase. So have your ever feel yourself fixed?

It seems as Gulliver bounded by Lilliputians with his hair. Even if one hair strand isn`t strong here it is thousands strands. Even if one cord isn`t thick there are hundreds of cords. And even if you are strong you could suddenly realize compassion doesn`t allow you to force the situation and give your freedom back.

What is the colours of our commitments? Dark or lite? Once I knew a guy who was totally committed with hundreds people and literary hadn`t time to breath. His life was extremely dependant to my point of view but he feels light and as I heared was satisfied. So the question how to feel about unexpected commitments depends on a personality.

My own personality made me to be straight in my obligations but also personal freedom is the base of my life. So if I have unexpected commitments I strongly check the time how to complete it perfectly and then never be back. Not easy thing because people wants me to be among them and to live their life, if you are satifly with it it`s OK. But for me  often it means too much slow timeline.

Sometimes I feel myself inprison even being at a selebration. Time never stops, a clock ticking and my projects screams for my attention. But I can`t run. I can`t insult them, so i count how long it could be before my agreements will be completed and contract will be finished. Waiting as a samurai to the end.

So the painting represents the period April-May-June I work with my graduate students. They do nothing in time and ignore any warnings. They send me their graduation works in extremely poor condition 1 week after the deadline and then moans in Skype (sometimes at 1:00 AM or later) beseeching to help them. They try to think only when I tell them to stay in a form for a second year. So they start to do something not bad I could admit as a graduation work and sign it as their advisor.

As other people works to increase their productivity that students practice to shrinks from their professional obligations trying to lie and trick. So foolish it is! I`d never sign a poor work by my advisory. They know it. But they want to try out hopes to win, win what?

Tired with so stupid waste of time. But as a Buddhist I don`t want to drop it uncompleted. So I am working to complete.

I want to say nothing more.

My commitment is nearly close. I want to finish my academic career.

I want to be free from stupid commitment for moe productive bright life.





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