World Culture: Antifragile Strategy Wallpaper by PG Cat
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 08 April 2015 at 01:30 PM

Hello everybody, today I would like to present you the new wallpaper from World Culture seria by PG Cat. It describes one of the most important question in our quick times: how to create our own Antifragile strategy and gain success and good luck. (click the pic)

The original Chinese proverb at the base of that idea is: "Certain bad luck is actually "a blessing in disguise."

The ancient Chinese story behind that proverb tells us about a wise old man who never took the circumstances as it seems at the first look. He never judged what`s going on and what`s will be an outcomes by sthereotypes. And he made his actions optional so was able to catch the essense of good luck in any circumstances when others just count their losses and moaned. This is the best strategy for our times!

In order to pay my respect to this story I would like to retell it once more:

Once upon a time, there lived an old man on the northern frontiers of China. One day, his horse disappeared. His neighbors came to comfort him. But the old man was not at all upset. He said his loss might turn out to be a good thing. And he was right. A few months later, not only did his horse find its way back, it also brought with it another horse,  one that was even better. His neighbors came around again, this time to congratulate him on his gain. But again, the old man viewed the situation differently, and said that this "good luck" might bring about misfortune in the end. Strangely, he was right again. A few days later,  his son fell from the new horse and broke his leg. However, as a result of the accident, his lame son was not conscripted to fight in the war and remained with his family.

Nowadays, people refer to the idiom when comforting someone who has experienced ill fortune. However, although it does imply that bad luck can sometimes transform into good luck, the reverse is also true; good luck can sometimes give rise to bad.

What is our benefits from that story?

Antifragile strategy itself.

We are looking for our chances from all circumstances so our own brain neuronetork is ready for it. We are in search of our best chance being relaxing. This strategy is completely opposit for negative people who moans in any circumstances about weather, small size of perls, politics, food, healt etc and so definitely lost all good chances and made their challenges worse. Such people are loosing and more, they are making troubles for others.

The point is, changes and challenges is a normal part of life. While we are living we are challenging. Make yourself in high stable comfort and your own body will start to slow down methabolism, brain activity, muscles starts to degradate and in fact it meand dying. Train yourself in slow lewel of stress and you became stronger, more flexible, younger, with fresh interest to life and chances, it means you will be able to catch your good luck from everywhere. It needs to be ready, be antifragile, be stable, be sustainable. Being so you can increase your influence in wide range of problems and people will join you. So that way of living is the best. remember, a crysis kills fragile weak things, people, businesses, organizations, nations, ideas. A crysis means you should gather your straight and being Antifragile became better and better through changes and time passes. This is the way I always live.

Click the pic to download the free wallpaper:

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With my respect to the book by Nassim Nicholas Taleb "Antifragile: things that gain from Disorder". All I am doing is targeted to gain Antifragile state for everyone. Be successful with the best!






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