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Author: ANNAmain • Date: 29 January 2014 at 03:14 PM

A process of thinking and insight is complicated. Sometimes we can catch the moment of the result which is the top of an iceberg. What do you think about a challenge to observe a little bit more?

I have it. This is happiness of freedom, creation and knowledge.

I am a witness how mindmapping process goes on in my mind.

I am a witness how my future paintings, sometimes more then 15 simultaneously, comes to me in details.

No pain of creation.

In my writer`s past I was awakened in deep night with strong vision how my next several books will be look like. Such vision is extremely bright, with all links to details. The rule of the game is to wright  a sketch briefly the same moment I felt it. It was my work kits (paper, pad and pens) in every place in my home.

Later I learned how to send projects back to nonentity because my surrounding didn`t call for it. It was a big sad on the beginning. Than I learned how to avoid bitterness about things which will never be. Then started to investigate what projects I could do independantly.

I was sucessful in it.

Now I have to learn a new thing. How to hide the power of creation and just stand near before a situation calls to it.

There are two reasons for it.

1 - Even when I have a strong vision how the future project will looks like, now I am unable to do everything by myself.

I realized it yesterday, trying to make CyberWar-I film. My vision was like a "Hobbit" movie with camera movements and changes. If I were a director of the film to transfer my vision to assistants it would be possible. By my own work it was 6 sec of unimportant episode per whole day.

Too much precious time. And I lost vision trying to catch bugs.

Today I decided to give up from it.

2 - Today the culture demands simplisity.


Why not?

Actually, everything exists in the Source before we, immortal souls in mortal bodies, make our attempts to channel it into the world.

The world will call for projects it`s ready to accept.





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