Preparations to Start
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 24 January 2014 at 10:37 AM

After so busy week I have my pleasure to get enough sleep. Once in my life I had an experience of 4-hours sleeping per day during 10 days. It seems like a life but without any wish to live at the end. So my first step for the start is to sleep well and then to take 2 big glasses of water for painting.

Nobody knows why I need 2 big glasses and why cold water must be taken from the bathroom, not from the kitchen. Why the shape of glasses is so important. But all time I pay attention to such small things in order to make the start right way.

For sure everyone has own mistery, small rituals of starting and finishing, special tools so friendly to hands. Such things are helpful to concentrate and to focus our power to a task.

So…This is the end of Snake year, next week will be the celebration of Horse year. I feel it really starts with good speed of changes, new contacts and new projects. I am finishing my preparation to New Year art process, prepare everything, and then let it comes. I desire to finish small things and just to be the channel for pure energy flows from space to the canvas, from mind to heart.





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