Two Different Ways to combine Business and Arts
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 21 January 2014 at 11:08 PM
All round tables and expert discussions I’ve attended at Gaidar Forum were really interesting. I made a brief conspect using mind maps, now it will take some time to reflect on each of these events. Now I’m thinking about different approaches to solve problems that were discussed.  For example the problem how to integrage Business and Arts.

It seems the are two ways to carry out this integration.

First is to educate artists in business language so arts and design will be the part of  business. It’s a natural combination, and everyone likes to see user-friendly designed tools and make business processes more creative while they are using creative techniques from arts. From outside to inside, from an idea to a product. I did it in my business practice and later, in my lectures.

The second way is vice versa, from inside to outside. A business process bases on ruls, similar to the laws of nature. We can use our senses to feel such rules and how they change from one level into another,  and how the whole situation changes. Sometimes to encorporate new vision, new philosophy is needed. This is not a final product, but a kind of media which will produce energy. Energy and will are two starting powers for business. Business as a materialization of ideas. Then as result appear products or something else. It’s travelling from one mind state to another in order to find something new to nourish current activity. Or to choose one decision out our several. Something beyond words, powerful, thought provoking. 

This way needs another kind of art. I am currently on this way, wondering what insights will be revealed.





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