Special seria of Memes for your Antifragile impact
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 26 August 2015 at 12:47 AM

Hello dear friends, today I would like to present you specially designed memes-emoticons in 2 collections and 8 templates. Collection with Chinese-English famous sayings always gain attention:

Meme templates for positive humor:


Meme Templates to express your emotions:


Meme Templates to underline your sceptical opinion:


Meme Templates to express your feelings, and Collection:


Memes is one of the best way to make your Antifragile impact in global scale. Once created Memes start their adventure in social network, because attractive and unusual pictures always have social attention. For any subject, from simpathy to critics for government actions MEMEs work good, just because we are living at the world of images and very short texts.

One of the most important things in exchange of visual information is to gain attention. Ready Memes Collection with Chinese expressions looks great, carry wise words and can be used in many situations. They are attractive and looks great among many other memes so it`s useful for your social activities. Ready collection with English expressions helps to found proper answer to mny subjects, the images is bright, with classical meme`s background so atractive too. Having social attention you can make your impact in the most soft, Antifragile way.

One of the most important things to make your MEME oustanding and shared is to use fresh well designed images. That`s why that seria was created in so different images to serve wide range of your emotional and mind states. This is how Antifragility works: express your feelings, gain relief and attention,  and you will be ready new results in other fields.

You can use that new attractive memes for every idea you have and gain social attention for many subjects. Among many services to make text meme with your picture that one is the most convenient www.memes.com/generator

To download previous seria of new Memes see annamain.org/site/comments/humor_rules_use_memes_to_make_you_antifragile_impact/






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