Human beings: war between wild biology and genuine human brain
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 24 October 2015 at 12:03 PM

Today we have the great problem: how to harness climate change and make our path to the better future. The bigger problem behind is how to use brilliant possibilities of human brain instead of wild biological evolution driving by food chains. Human should generate better decisions, but instead biolgical drivers are still the chief.

Biological drivers are simple. Food (money), sex and domination completely describe all of the behaviour in animal world. Unfortunately by the morphology of human brain we have the ancient part we inherited from reptiles, limbic system, which rules by emotionally-hormonal storm and easily penerate our human part of the brain, neocortex. The point is, biological evolution is amoral. It aims to gain just three biological tasks one by one, starts from food (money), sex and domination by any price. Animal brain an`t think about outcomes, just because in biology it is no future for individuals. Actually, no individuals, just hungry bodies for reproduction and domination in a herd. Animal brain is the cheapest part of our human brain and unfortunately it is strong. As our biological evolution took millions of hunger years, noone could stop themselves easily from food, in human world from money. That`s the sadness thing, it`s not enough for animal brain. So, If you see somebody who are steeling, grabbing, taking more and more and never stop, that`s represent the reptile part of the brain rules. What to do to suffer less? Work less is the first biological outcome just to survive. In many companies I saw how bosses was seduced with the idea to squize more and more, even when they are not able to absorb the results, for this reason they press workers with threat to cut salaries. As the result people resist just to save themselves. I see many companies who are going to suicide in business by this approach. That`s unbelievable, but sometimes I witnessed how owners are killing own business with really good position on the market just wishing to press out for more.

Biology is brainless and it put us down easily. The worst part of biological evolution is to gain three aims by all means. For biological, reptile limbic system of human brain it is ok to use others for own interests no matter what. According to scientific researchs of human brain morphology, when people use limbic system it is so cheap and costs just 7-10% of body energy, and it works so quickly for nearest easy decicions. The worst part, with all amoral style, it produces special internal narcotics, endorphines, to support own work. That`s why honest, moral people can`t understand how people could steel or grab, or take advantages, or live from others account. Just think about it in brain terms. Animal brain usage is granted by instincts and internal narcotics.


Genuine Human part of the brain, neocortex , keeps human ideas, moral, true religion, and all choices out of direct biological aims food-sex-domination-no-matter-what-and-no-tomorrow.

Neocortex made us human, not animals. But unfortunately it costs 25% of body`s energy budget so nobody could use it as easy as animal part of the brain. That`s why people are so inert to think about future before bad things increse drastically and animal part of the brain drive in survival situation. It was the same for thousands years of human history, but today it costs us our planet. Nature has no moral. It acts, it kills, it wastes.

That`s why it is not easy to change just stupid habit which is obviously wrong. It is not easy for everyone by our brain properties. It is not easy by nature.

So how to make changes in modern world where we meet the problems to survive?


You shouldn`t touch the problem directly, it is painful. But you can speak in allegoric style, for example use cats to illustrate human ideas. People accept it because it`s less disturbing, more safe and doesn`t costs them too much. That`s why it needs to use smart approachs to turn people to think about tomorrow. It needs to make more attractive symbols and images, and new easy-to-get things just to turn people think in new ways step by step.

Use modern tools to make Antifragile changes for more people. In our world with Internet and social network the best way to make impact is to use simple images with text. I accompany that article with PG Cat`s ready-to-use memes to show you how it works. The same memes could be used for many other articles or other choices, I will show it in the next posts about different subjects.

You can increase your own impact to the world that way and turn animal part of each human brain to work for our truly human future which must be better then biological history. I believe it is possible. That`s why I work to create better tools for everyone.

You can download ready-to-use memes to attract more attention: Chinese-English proverbs , with English texts and new  Ginger-n-Cake seria

Smart approach helps us to gain better future in Antifragile way, as genuine Human.

Use and win!

The Sea Lions – An Allegory





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