Art Investment: New 2015 Art works, protection and proves
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 27 October 2015 at 09:41 PM

Hello dear friends, eventually my paintings dried and so here it is pictures. NatureIn is my innovation with new art philosophy, part of new art direction I`ve developed. So, here there are first-in-the-world paintings in that direction, technique and style.

In Arts everything depends from the position an artist and art objects occupy in an art direction. First comes innovators; individuals with unique brain structure like Voncent van Gogh. I am the one from that kind of inicial creators, because of my brain atructure and proved skills and experience.

Second, followers come to share the advantages of new stream. That`s why it is so important to make innovations correctly to open new ways for many others in the most effective and efficient ways. It makes benefits for all sides in WIN-WIN strategy, both to artists and investors. That`s what I am working for, because I invented own scheme of localization for different countries. For example, today I am working with Greece, then others countries will join the path.

Third, frequently after the inventor`s pass away, many others who want to share the place on the market come.

That`s the three normal steps how our world develops in cultural and financial fields.

One thing is important about the process. Only true inventor knows how to develop the innovation correctly to benefit all sides. But there are many who wants just to stole the raw idea and sell it for own advantage. Steeling is the feature of monkey-`s part of human brain who is responsible to copy and imitate. That part of the brain calls limbic system and it`s cheap by energy balance, that`s why imitators are so fresh and it`s take a small time to steel, so they make a lot of PR noise and activities to imitate their importance and to hide real inventor far away.

That`s a kind of biological strategy, instinctive, the same as animals do.

So, to prove who is the real author it needs Antifragile approach: in Arts they search the biography and experience to prove was an idea genuinually growth as a synthesis of unique life experience, or it was suddenly appears without previous attempts  which means it was stolen.

That`s a lot of historical examples. Among names was thiefs like Malevich who stole ideas from 30 years before and used his PR possibilities and social situation for own advantages. The difference is, stolen idea make Win-Lose game, and in our informational world it is clear to prove who is the real author, especially in arts by 7 positions of Art estimate.

So, speaking in business language, buying stolen products or ideas an investor take a huge risk. That`s why it needs to be very clear with evidencies who is the real author, inventor, and who is not.

I am writing it to protect my current investors, my future investors, my nearest followers and other sides honestly involved. 

Everything I am doing is proved by many ways and everything can be checked.

That`s Antifragile way I protect future possibilities for many people.

Stay with me, win with me!





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