2015 Gallery

Climate Change 2015 Project
Human civilization recognizing Climate Change

Art Olympia 2015 International Open Art Competition Paris
(All Artists outside of North and South America and Japan)

Artist Statement:
We are living at the cutting edge of changes. For the first time in history, human activities are changing the world in global scale. Big companies, governments, communities, cultures, local people and individuals - everyone faces the necessity of the transition from local to global interests. How it could be done? Now it`s time for new solutions! Time to integrate art and science in skillful, respectful collaboration and let them serve the global purposes together. I am artist since I was 5 years old, also I am Master in Physics, Ph.D.Ecomony, have substantial experiences in business management same as volunteering in social projects. I`ve developed a new concept of art which allows it to deepen it`s role in s human society. It is global aim, which can serve for the sake of each country. It fits the UN Millenium development goals. With this power we can allow changes to progress in the most productive, sustainable way.
The global picture represents the whole system which contains subsystems: global forces as Kondratieff`s waves, Carbon economy; climate change, and the local mind represented by PG Cat, , which doesn`t accept the global picture but instinctively feels the upcoming changes. Yellow and green are symbolizing innovative solutions and new techniques.
The Big picture is reflecting in the eyes of more than 7 billions individuals, in people`s emotional perception and unconscious collective. It is a new power driving the world. PG Cat represents them. It is vulnerable in front of changes; annoyed, scared but still has doubts. It needs sustainability and could be educated for it. It has to make a choice.

Innovation: 2015 Nature-In Project

Distant, hard to access, with care to nature, includes all of natural elements of the environment into the painting

Read the story how that innovation was started: [annamain.org/site/comments/beautiful_beautiful/] [annamain.org/site/comments/nature-in_project_in_progress/] [annamain.org/site/comments/nature-in_project_in_progress_some_experiments/]

Corfu 2015 Climate change Project


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