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Author: ANNAmain • Date: 19 October 2015 at 03:01 PM

Our world became global, with global common interests. That`s why it`s so important to understand our similarities to make people working forward for better future. Antifragility layes in our culture which make us different from animals. Two great ancient cultural centres, China and Greece, looking so different, have the same wisdom in proverbs:



(more China-Greece here )

We are far away from the tradition to be tought by proverbs and storytalles because we developed more effective and efficient formats to transmit information. However when we want Antifragility in the times of changes it requires look to the roots and chech the best tools. Antifragile tools providing by culture is one of the best access to subconsciousness collective. Being one of the chief drivers of our history, that engine of culture can bring us one of the most persuadive language. Wisdom from proverbs has got power of natural law, because it bases on long run statistics. Statistically proverbs are working, so why don`t use that perfect language for our today needs?

夜长梦多  The longer you wait, the more unexpected developments may occur   | 夜长梦多

It means, procrastination in wrong time make circumstances worse, the longer you wait, it became even worse.

Οποιος δεν έχει μυαλό έχει πόδια  - He who has no brains has     legs 

It means on the extra trouble one     incurs when not thinking through his actions beforehand.

This is statistically proved truth. The price of stupidity is high. Much more high then we tend to count. More, for one`s stupidity many others are paying, from own accounts. Today the world became so fast changing, and so drastically, so noone could allow yourself to accept other`s procrastination and pay for other`s mistakes by own.

No resources to waste any more.

No time to recovery.

Price of procrastination and stupid mistakes became incredibly high, and predators are near to check the moment to take advantages. All of then put the world in great danger. That`s the reason to accumulate all of our strength now and to use all available tools to harness the situation. Not for somabody abstract, but for ourselves. That`s why I am developing new effective and efficient tools to support social changes in global scale in Antifragile style.

Small tools make great changes in our world. Post-industrial information works in strange ways more efective and efficient then other tools. That`s why simply sharing the pictures you make waves more then if you try to persuade friends come to Climate meeting. Increase number of people who share Climate motivators, frequently just for fun, of because they love cats,  of because of just boredom, and the information will works above all of expectations. That`s new way of positive changes we can do by ourselves and benefit in global scale. That`s how we can make own future better, because we are all here, on blue pale spot, on our Earth, and there is no planet B or plan B. So let`s do whatever we can.

New tools allow us to save our time and energy making the same effect. Let`s use it!






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