Corporation LIfeCycle by Dr.Ichak Adizes: Go-Go Stage
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 21 August 2013 at 07:58 AM

Hello friends,

Today I would like to introduce you the forth painting from the LifeCycle line.

From Infancy to Go-Go

"Go-Go" is the stage I stucked for tens years doing everything, realizing completely every single wish comes to me. It was a kind of sweet slavery. I felt good because all attempts was successful but the same time afraid of new possibilities coming so felt a kind of compulsion to make it done.  It seems as view of possibilities comes from somewhere, concentrated by my skills as sunlight concentates by lens and then I was obligated to turn a view into reality.
It tuned me to an idea that wishes to start something new comes not only from a founder but from a company as well. How? Somehow. The one who generate the main evergy could influent the system and vice versa.

The style of that painting is simplified by design to make a pair to previous one. In the forth painting I made several indicators of modern fast developing culture of youth such as specific expression of a child`s face (comes from Japanese modern culture of smiles represent exitments and energy prepared to be expressed). Parent`s figures painted in less modern style to indicate a distance in roles, life experience and living style between developing Go-Go system and a founder.
This is a thin layer of gold covering several parts of the painting especially eyes of the figures. Arrows represents gowth and at the left down corner this is the

So the painting is the code to investigate and understand details of the Go-Go stage.

Thank you for your attention and try to found Go-Go stage in yourself!





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