Climate Change project: next 2 painting`ve started
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 22 August 2014 at 01:20 AM

I’ve finished the 1st stage (contours) for next two painting with work names "Drought" and "Tornado". It is a lot of challenges here, especially because I am trying to film everything. Sometimes it is a strange feeling.

In my nearest past I just had felt the impuls and then painted whatever I wanted, without any worry about time or position, or details. Everything came in natural way so it was a kind of relaxation being in strong stream of ideas which penetrated from ethernity having me as a gate and an editor. It was pure meditation.

Last year, during my "Corporate LifeCycle" project in collaboration with Dr.I.Adizes I decided to make documentary film about the painting process, then to use it as a part of educational film about LifeCycle changes. Because education is so important so it comes number one among my aims.

I made the decision to change my art process right at the moment I painted "Prime" position on the LifeCycle (you can see all paintings and stories in my 2013 Gallery ). As it was significant and fited with the Prime meaning, I felt my duty to implement it.

It was the border between my natural life when I used just one photo camera, to my today acts with 3 camcorders, GoPro, 2 photo cameras and old good iPhone in addition.

Today I have many things to handle and they are bothering me every moment. For me this is the best trening of Integration, the main function of management in our time of changes. I have to integrate in one result so many things so I feel myself advanced after each task completed. Then new challenges appears. The same as in our life, isn`t it?


It is impossible to place the chief camera in one position to catch everything. Because the canvas is big and sometimes I can be in the footage while I avoid it. Only my hands should be filmed. But from one direction, being in static position, camera can`t shoot the exect process of painting - lines. brush… only the whole common view which is not interesting sometimes. First I desided to shoot it by 2 cameras. So I jumped between two tripods trying not to fall all of this to the wet painting, trying to care what part of my body now in the frame, and also chengin the position and angle of the second camera. What a hell!

Several week ago I bought GoPro Hero 3. It helps me a lot with underwater and seashore filming. I guessed it will be the easy solution for painting too. I tryed to use head band mounting for GoPro. It was unconvenient for several reasons. First of all, I never be sure about the place GoPro focused. If something goes wrong it is impossible to repeat the process of painting.

I realized, GoPro needs a laser aim.

You know, time is the treasure, and not it costs much more then usual.

No laser aims in nearest shops, also in anothers. I remembered two laser pointers I`d bought to point Milky Way and constellations projection on my ceiling. It was about 3 years ago, although it should be somewhere in my home I failed to found it.

Then I tryed to buy another one but the trick was it can`t work permanently to make the laser spot on my canvas all the time I paint.

 So it needs to press the button of GoPro, continuously press the button of laser pointer, check the camera`s position, move the camera, try to keep my head steady to focuse to the place I am painting, then to have additional 3 hands for changes of brushes and other painting stuff. So, as I counted, it needs at least 8 hands.

Obviously I have 2 hands only (plus my teeth to carry something useful like another brush)!

I hope it didn`t mirror in the footage otherwise it will be the Guinness record of weird pictures.

So I dropped the idea to use laser until my supplier found me a laser aim or a pointer with permanent light.

Nice! So what should I do as I want to shoot everything?

I have another solution for it: arm mounting for GoPro.

It is amazing although the size is for men so it is large and can`t be tight on my hand. Ok, I can manage it having the hand with fist as you see on the picture. You can imagine how relaxible I feel myself. Just as an irony, more relaxible in compare with previous methods.

So my work consist of several actions; most of which I am doing simultaneously:

1- to catch the idea what to paint

2-to concentrate

3- to put the chief camera on the tripod in right position

4- try not bang or drop it down (in such case I have to use another one)

5- put brushes, cloth for brushes, water, colors in nearest place

6- open colors I will use in next 10 min

7- don`t forget to close colors I don`t use because everything become dry or change concentration

8- put GoPro on my left hand

9- Don`t forget to keep the left hand steady while the right is working

10- If you are still reading the list, it should be the story how to keep additional brush in the teeth and don`t kick the ready to use liquid colors. I wasn`t careful yesterday so my colors was spilt right to my working place, then I was trying to wash several parts of my body and clothes.

In addition I have to paint.


As you remember, in my technigue it is impossible to make corrections. If I do something in contours unperfect it will be like that. No way to change, just to get out the canvas and start new one which is terrible from my point of view.

So during my acrobatics I need to keep my imagination in discipline, make the contours clear and don`t swear in cases I do something wrong.

I am really curious what will be the result of such crazy shooting!

Ok now I should let the two painting dry so go to bed. Tomorrow it will be easy work with the 2nd stage of coloring, easy in compare with today.

Have a nice dreams!







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