Climate Change 2014 Project: How to manage Sustainable Growth
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 25 August 2014 at 01:41 AM

Sustainability means balanced chain of changes based on scientific planing with really good management. That way many things which normally thought to be impossible became possible and more, possible with minimum charges and zero waste. Sustainable development means effective and efficient actions in short and long run. All of this are applied into my project work.

Let me to start with an example about our feelings, expectations and the result we have from all of it. When you see a ready product, a movie for example, you can feel different emotions about. It depends of many factors, sometimes a movie is good but one of the actors doesn`t feet your expectations. Sometimes a movie is not exciting but the music is. Sometimes everything good but you have a headache so can`t evaluate what`s happens. Many reasons could influent our feelings just because feelings, emotions are produced by one of the most ancient part of our brain.

Is it a kind of sustainable evaluation? Some doubts about it. This is just an opinion based on a moment.

How we could evaluate something in sustainable way?

When we have access to information how something was designed, how it grown, changes step by step, ideas to implement, we became educated in many different ways. We became enriched just being an observer. So we could make another, better product started from the example. Or we could gain new insights for ourselves. Anyway, the hidden information how things growth, designed, developed, what`s the basic meanings, what and why - such information is voluable by itself and more, it could create another changes making new values.

Following the example about a movie, some matherials about how it was shoot, interviews with actors, director, screenwriter; access to the raw matherials, especially CGI - this is the most amazing story. Sometimes much more voluable then the movie.

That`s why I make MindMaps, shoot the process and in future wil publish descriptions for all painting I do. Because the art object itself is the result, a product which has different functions. One of them is education and possibility to start chain of changes for the sake of observers. So, this is several pictures how the process is going on right now.

For the painting with work name "Climate Change: Tornado and Storms" I needed some preparations. Although in the final image it will not be the same, I tryed several sketches right in the project book.

When you are doing a project which needs a creative approach, you should use your intuition to help you make better decisions. Intuition is the network of more then 100 billions neurones (obviously more then 4 billions we normally use). You can`t manage such mighty computer by common methods but you can manage it by soft steady nudge. Sketching is one of the most powerful tool for it useful in many fields, from business to self-development. That`s why it is good to have a project book with good size (this is up to your feelings, I have different for different project work).

It is important also to make yourself free of rules while you are working with it.

After you finish sketching it should be a kind of self-check: are you internal neuronetwork needs more time or it is ready. If you are a novice in such work you may need time, from an hour to several days, to continue.

If you are trained, especially with switching styles of brain activities, you can start immideately. (My ambidexterity  helps me to do it quickly, just change the hand and move forward).

The point is to make all boring preparations in advance. On the picture below you can see the ready place with prepared colors in nesessary concentrations, ready to work.

One of the most important things about sustainable work is the Rule of the Middle Stages. Ok, this is my own name for the process when you started and make about 30% of work and found yourself deeply disappointed and confused.

This is NORMAL stage of any development. Don`t feel worry about it, it is naturally unbalanced stage and noone could avoid it.

Why? Because of the matter of development.

When a project is on planing stage it could seems ready, but it is still on paper. This is an ideal world. If you are a good project manager, at that stage you can see the future of your idea, brilliant and shining.

Such feelings are stable for a while, the same way as honey-moon effect. Enjoy it.

Be sure it will finish. This is my Buddhist`s note as well as it is the truth.

Why such honey-moon will finish?

Because it is not a honey-year or honey-centure. Such things doesn`t really exists although we all desire it. We even have a biological stopper which turns out hormones of happiness until you became exhausted by it.

So, when a honey-moon finish, you should be prepared for changes. Otherwise disappointment could severly affect you and so make things more difficult. Obvoulsly noone want it. This is not sustainaable also.

So, what should we do with such forecast?

Accept it.

At the middle stage you could lost some parts of you vision. The reality are not completed, all is in disorder, chaotic, ans doesn`t fits to your bright vision.

For example, when I was a writer, when I did my PhD and other researchs, when I was doing my business, studied kung fu and massage, also in others activities includes art work, when the project-honey-moon had finished it was a strong feeling of unharmony and partly lost of the vision. At 30% ready stage all projects seems strange, believe me.

As it is the normal stage of work, let it be.  Just see that picture. Chaos, OMG!

Now you are awared and so, I hope, protected from disappointment and ready to continue sustainable work.

That moment it is important to make a pause. Until you make a mistake trying to return your vision.

Several recommndations for it: Get hands out of work. Get yourself out of directing the process for a while.

Let the situation be. Have a walk.

In my case, typically I have no so luxury as walking because of the time pressure. So I have several another projects, or parts of the same project, to work with.

For example, in Climate Change project different parts is different paintins, so it is easy to separate different stages. If you think I have a project-life-long honey-moon you are not so far from the reality. That`s why I so love project work and typically work with different projects simuptaneously. Not a honey-moon at all but much more sustainable and productive. I can`t advice you to do the same because it is a kind of hard life not everyone like. But partly it is useful because

the base principles of sustainable growth is the same: check the position of your work on LifeCycle and make steps according to the scientific forecast.

That way you will be effective and efficient in short and long run which means sustainable growth.

I hope that part of the story will be useful for you.

 I am going to continue with the biggest painting while "Tornado" is in the dock, far away from my eyes.

Thank you for being with me! Night hugs for all who read the post to the end!







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