Ready for the mission
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 17 August 2014 at 12:18 PM

Many things depend of a specific mood to be done correctly. I`ve done the first after Corfu Nordic walking. 2 km with additional 5 kg weights on my arms and anklets. Feel happy, strong, ready for the mission.

Many things to be handle now is more simple to handle. Feeling the body as the ready mashine for missions, for creation, for implementing thoughts into reality, this is the best from the best. Nothing could compare with such extension, in which ethernal mind-ideas network producing my project work starting to penetrate into reality by efforts, body gesture. You know, my painting style was grown from Chinese calligraphy and Kung Fu style which I used to practice for a long time. Perfect gesture of the brush is the reflection of perfect mind set and perfect intention. Such deep integration comes from Asian philosophy and diferent self-perfection schools for which I belong from my past. Movement of a sword is the same as movement of a brush. Movement of words which play perfect game we call poetry or story telling, deep meditation in movement or in silence, in deep immobility/ Great ideas comes free, naturally, being supported by perfect mind state, being ready to found a way t be implemented. This is the essense. I am going to prepare things for the Sustainable development, Climate Change project.

I am happy. I am going to work.





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