Your power to handle a crisis
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 06 October 2013 at 10:34 AM

Crisis is not something rare as a comet in the dark ages.  We listen the word "crisis" more frequemtly, also internal crisises accompany us as signs our growth. Sometimes we can feel ourselves snatched with harsh necessity of circumstances without our will or fault.

Our world turns faster, new generations growth with unlimited Internet access and iPhone since they are 8 months old (it is real in Japan).

But not the whole world lives with such speed. So subsystems develops in different speed having different features and we feel it as a stress, crisis etc. We should understand it in order to overcome better way, even to growth to the best. It is possible!

Actually every person do it in own manner.

That post I want to point several features of a crisis and at the end to throw you to the new Ichak Adizes`s article which explain how a Government could raise innovations during crisis and so handle it.

Let`s start from my side.

First thing in crisis is very personal. Even if we speak about nations, it consists from persons, people who make private decisions.

I overcame several big crisises in the country when government abandoned people and cared to own profit as well, sometimes crisises seemed artificial.

Also I was a witness of several crisises in business, from world 2008 to smallest ones. In my personal life I had several big and uncounted amount of middle and small crisises so feel myself experienced in that field.

Every time I founded ways to handle it and then to move to high level of personality, profession, also spiritually and financially too.

It is possible to everyone.

That`s why I start my new education project with YouTube, it will be announced later. Now I would like to show several important things about crisis.

The first thing is feeling of immobility.

Something happened. Yesterday passed away. Tomorrow will never be the same. This is the fact. Start from it.

Unfortunately in common situation we found a crisis being in crisis by ourselvs. The moment of immobility frequently comes covered by chaotic thoughts, movements of surrounding people and information. To found ourselves stuck with  mazement, being uncertain what to do and how to react is important. Because that way we reduce the risk to be cought by panic and wrong information couses wrong movements. The same thing recommends to people in swamp: be calm. don`t  dabble. The same for people who is taking away by reverse sea waves.

The next thing is to overcome feeling of failure, fault and internal dialog. You shoud make a small movements instead being rather immobilized just to have a breath of fresh air.

That`s important - to make that movement in full consciousness. That way our sunconsciousness stops to increase crisis and turns to mobilize our inner resourses to found the way.

You know our intuition is the intergation of smallest parts of our own and total human experience locked in our subconsciousness and collective unconsciousness. When people are cought by panic they come to big losses, even to death. The best example is statistics about sea shipwrecks: 90% of death causes by panic, not by situation itself.

When you starts to be an observer of own internal movements you will found how panic raises and then get away like a sea wave. Then you will found something interesting and new nobody realize being in panic. The turbid wave of death movements get back and you will foung shells, cristals, chests and another unusual things it droped to your seashore. Such things enrich your innovations and turns it to growth.

zyou can use unusual tools to fix your ideas. It is important because new way in crisis is actually like above reasons of crisis. That`s why you will use power of changes to rebuild yourself.

Just to myself I invented new language to work with crisise includes sketching, mind mapping and several special technigues. It works brilliant so I desided to make it public in nearest future because it seems many people are able to use it for the best.

That picture I got my mood in nearly-crisis situation and then came to conclusions.

It represents how to be out of intrusive thoughts about how things comes and clear the new way.

Then it will be the time to invent new things< open new ways, new strategy, also growth with own potential to actual deeds.

This stage is to turn interpreneur spirit works.

It needs free energy and other resourses. If you comes to that  stage after previous two, you will founr everything you need. First it will be just the internal power and will. Then you will feel the way. Then it will be more clear understanding and more resourses. If that crisis is not an internal one, hidden inside, people about starts to feel you direction and support you. Sometimes you can growth a new project more brilliant by crisis then without it, because of new ways and innovations you can develop.

Raise and go!

I would like to finish my post with recite of Dr.Adizes`s fresh article "Crisis, Innovation and Entrepreneurship"

"Crisis comes from the Greek language, and it means-I find this interesting-that it is time to do something different. In Hebrew, the word for crisis is mashber, which comes from the root “something broke up.” Same is true for the meaning of the word in Chinese.

 There is a common denominator here: crisis means that whatever we have had until now does not work anymore, and it is time to do something else, and differently.

 Innovation by definition, means doing something different, something new.

 Therefore, crisis provides a perfect environment for innovation; it offers us a chance to come up with fresh and different ways to satisfy an old or a new need."

Read full article "Crisis, Innovation and Entrepreneurship" by Dr.Ichak Adizes in his blog





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