What is the danger of Creation?
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 26 October 2013 at 09:10 AM

Is Creation dangerous?

Being an Artist and a scientist I want to say: this is true. It could be dengerous in some way. Last week Ichak Adizes wrote in his article:

"Why Being Creative is Dangerous?

I mean dangerous to your personal life, to intimacy.

 Study the biographies of great artists in all fields. Many have had more than one divorce. Some never marry. Or never remarry. Some live a bohemian life, moving from one relationship to another without any depth or intimacy.  Some find love in the bosom of prostitutes.

 And the same appears to be true for great entrepreneurs or innovators. The common denominator being: creativity…"  Read full article here  here www.ichakadizes.com/why-being-creative-is-dangerous/

The most denger from the article is too much loss of energy for a creation process. Also Dr. Adizes described how creativity influence personal life of an artist. It is true but not all true.

This is the core point. In true creation this is no person. No person just deepest intimacy with Universe. This is the core energy exists, not the own personal energy of an artist.

But when the main wave of creation passes it is the problem to be integrated with people. Vice versa, persons who are exellently intergated with people have problems with creation.

Both ways needs mental and body discipline to be healthy. This is the same as LifeCycle problems: normal, abnormal, patological.

The same way after successful meditation people need discipline to be incorporated with society, it`s a normal problem. When I read stories about Biddha and others claims to be enlightaned it was the same. The same discipline requires to come out of successful family to do own job to the world.

So I am interesting what is the danger?





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