China Adventure: TianTai Buddhist Temple-2
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TianTai Buddhist Temple forms a village around it includes hotels, fields and houses. I was told that temple and monastery has a considerable influence to the Chinese society because of it`s history and buddhist`s school. So it is a lot of piligrims in special days.

The picture above shows the central chancel: Buddha in the centre represents by two statues. The big gold represents the

What`s a problem to make good decision in our fast times?
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WE all lives in fast time with huge amount of information bombards us from all sides. It seems we can`t make a good decision because of many factors - emotional pressure, unclear situations, too fast changes and more, more, more. Sometimes it seems we lost common sense which is a compass to try what`s right, what`s wrong. That way we are desintegrated, falling apart.

People want ready-made

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