Simple body pleasures
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 23 October 2013 at 01:00 PM

Sometimes happiness is simple.

Walking with my new camera in 2 hours, making field work and shooting matherials for my new films, enjoying crystal cold air, dreaming about thousand possibilities exists just in 10 min from my work place… It is amazing. I was cold in one hour, with my fingers frozen. And I was frozen in next one hour. Enjoying such a rare feeling of freshness in so sunny day, in one step from winter snows I realized how it is magically simple. Then I had a quick visit to nearest supermarket and went home with several simple products like cheese and bread… and then it was another pleasure to be in warm beautiful tidy home. Drinking tea I feel how it`s important to keep such things. Even being oversnowed by my projects and feeling pleasure with it, I still able to have such simple joy: walking, cold, sun, camera, warm tea at the end. So simple, so pleasant, so beautiful it is. It magically recharge my internal batteries after last day whole of painting.

Thank you, Existence, pleas keep me strong, keep me joyful by simple things of life!

No pictures here to selebrate the moment on fulfillness body life.





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