I went to TianTai mountains to fix myself in Prime
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 15 October 2013 at 11:17 AM

Feelings and knowledge works together forming a precious understanding of reality. It reflects the real energy of life. This is the way I live. Things I feel I want to know and to paint. So it was a challenge to paint Prime - the hight point of the Lifecycle.

To create Prime   I want

... to be Prime by myself!

The Prime is optimistic, with natural growth of all possibilities, growth with knowledge and own results. This is the way to be effective and efficient in short and long run.

So it is the time to fix myself in that point doing it consciously. As I desired to be in Prime so I started to prepare myself for it.

I choose TianTai mautains I love as the point to integrate all parts of myself here in one vision, one desire, one mind, soul and body state.

I was an observer of such a treasure of nature and gentle human touch it to make it available for us, piligrims.

That time I had an additional task to shoot my film. So I had no much time for myself, climbing with heavy camera. But my mind did it`s job and my soul drinked surrounding as a dry sponge.

I felt it. I learnt it. I remembered things I`d never mentioned before in my new level of perception… I was my meditation while my hands did it`s job with camera.

I had my vision of several future paintings and I keep it now.

To make the process of transmissin myself to the Prime level of the Lifecycle complete I made one important thing. This it the great technigue for everyone to make controllable changes inside and outside, I will describe it later, in educational video too.

Now I would like to show you how it could be done by my own result.

Everyone hav internal vision of ourselves. Tru to put that figure into desired situation feeling he or she gently.

I did it by my memory 10 days after my mountains meditation. It was so easy I wondered why I wasn`t able to make it before. The answer is clear: in my method of living and my way in Arts deep understaiding is equal for my state of knowledge so it represents what I am by things I can do. That`s why I do things I never did before and nobody except real life teach me.

That picture represents how I saw the TianTai mountains. I felt the depth of it, and how rocks growth, and roots of stones, and ethernity glances to me over it.

I will describe how changes works and how to turn it to the Prime point in our personal life. Now I just want to share it with you and to let you be a witness of miricle so then you will be able to make the same miricle to yourself.

Thank you for being with me, keep in touch!






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