Corporate LifeCycle by Dr.I.Adizes: Adolescence goes to Divorce
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 04 September 2013 at 12:50 AM
Hello everybody, today i would like to present you the painting represents how the Adolescence point of the LifeCycle turns to Divorce and then causes Primature Aging. 
From strong connection and interaction in normal Adolescence stage:

  to Divorce 

...To complete break when Adolescence goes to Divorce.

The point was how a child could divorce with a parent and the answer is: first it needs to separate emotionally and then accumulate all legitimate power to support and make Divorce by force.  What is a force here, what is it`s qualities and possibilities? First of all the Rebeller Child needs a support behind, an own group of people interesting in the process and want advantages of the successful result. Such group usually keeps themselves out of active intervention but also they have possibility to force the situation.

In that process a Child feels a kind of satisfaction because of strength and power new and desired, and because the process seems as a new possibility to growth in natiral way being independent.

From the line of the painting that one seems more separated from the Founder and also it shows a new group appeared behind.

A tank is just the symbol of power and active force but we all know such symbols tends to be an active proof in a fighting.

I guess such process in organizations designs to show a kind of peaceful purposes so the Child has the peace pendant on the neck and show it to Founder. Just make force to make peace.

You can see here flame and smoke between the Child and the Founder. It makes accent to the separation process before the situation described by painting. The flame and smoke seems as a sign of outshoot from far distance, so the tank on the picture becames less peaceful.  It is peaceful just on the moment the situation becames under control of the Bureaucracy group behind the Child. It means outshoots took place before, and as the fire is still bright it was in nearest past.
Outshoot`s happened. The time to sign the abdication and say last words. 

That painting has much more small details than previous. IN previous painting an observer could meditate on the situation in total. But that one allows an observer to point mind to important things and identify it in own situation.
Details plays two roles. One to keep an observer more time (because the size of the painting is 60X80 cm, big anough to browse across it). And the second role is to catch the mind and turn it inside, to own experience.
Many details can`t be visible on the photo, it changes in different angles of observation. But several details like white hairs of the Founder and textures on the tank is visible here:

It was my attempt to describe the Adolescence stage at the Divorce point. Next week you will  see Primature Aging of an Organization as the result of that brunch.
Thank you for being with me,

Anna Chudnovsky 





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