There are no mistakes actually
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 02 September 2013 at 12:25 AM

We all know that mistakes is not so good things when the time to pay comes. However looking backward we usually make a new mistake, a special one: to judge previous choices by knowledge we get from it.

Such mistake is the one which grabbes our energy, devaluates our seaching experience. Sometimes it is used by society to harness us by artificial perfectionism in order to stop our attempts and control us. This is the subject important to understand because life is changes, changes requires to make attempts and each attempt has own risk.

Should we stop in yesterday-safe or make steps forward?

Should we listen to judges or be the worst judge to ourselves?

This is the dilemma everyone get during life movements. Of course stupid mistakes like being addictive from tabacco or another chemicals still exists. But nobody needs to judge it because it rather simple, common and so non prospective to exploration.

Typically the worst judgement concerns unusual things we just try to handle or to experience. That`s why we need a good philosophy covers our back and made us strong enough to turn any decision, any situation and life experience to good, progressive result.

I made such useful philosophy to myself as a combination of my analytical possibilities, curiosity and my best credo. It is important to have such philosophy tha same way as companies payes huge amounts to developers to invent corporate mission etc. That`s why every active person once stands on the front of that task: to form own strategy to understand what mistakes is and how to live more effective and efficient in short and long run.

New article by Dr.Ichak Adizes " There Are No Mistakes" here  . I love the way he think about and agree with that article.
In addition an interesting concept to enrich understanding how things could be arranged: In Hinduism it`s a concept that God wants people to play some roles in His lila (screenplay of life). Sometimes the best consciousness people only suits for a special role, such as the role of God`s parents. That people usually totally cinsciousness and so don`t want to be involved in such play (usually parents of God have many  troubles and risks). Then God expand his illusion energy and made people forget their consciousness. So they forget troubles and make the decision to play required roles by own will. Sometimes we do the same and the next step after it is to realize what exectly we gain from our game, may be what God wants us to play. This is the good result, every time good.

Also you could found interesting my article about connection between mistakes and life experience "The Fool (Tarot)" with my Ink illustrations here

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