InkScetch: The Fool (Tarot)
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 04 March 2013 at 09:04 PM

In many traditions, religions and symbolic systems exist a character names The Fool. In Tarot system he exists too and that time I would like to pay attention to it.

The Fool is the spirit in search of life experience, trying everything new without an idea abour risks and prise. Sometimes he seems like a child, sometimes as a mad man, and keeps a kind of wisdom too. When we focuse how it is going on our life we can see several possibilities here. First of all The Fool is somebody make mental power aside, al least as a temporary decision.

It means borders of possible becames wider, traditional ways doesn`t govern and hears flutters free in the streams of changes, following the wind.

Traditionally The Fool appears relaxible as a kitten, with playful mood, but it doesn`t cover the situations I want to focus. My Fool is the one who feel the target, unvisible to anothers, and he have spirit of asperetion, trying to make the last impulse to gain the aim.

This is the kind of courage - to make the last impulse and don`t allow yourself to delay. Many people made attemots for a long time but as they feel the target is near they feel a kind of procrastination and then lose the impulse of changes. But the Fool never do it. All of his passion deducate to the target and when he feel it in one step he do his best without any doubts like a sprinter make the last movement to the win.

It is important to crown your atempts with the final result. Despite of tideness, feeling of delay or anxiety to focused all passion and gain it in one powerful movement, and so to make something not only planed but realized.





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