Contemporary General Management Education: A Critique by Dr.Ichak Adizes
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 07 September 2013 at 07:34 AM

Dr.Ichak Adizes, one of the world’s leading experts on improving the performance of business and government through fundamental change , has published his critique to modern system of business education.
Look at the picture: I illustrated the behevioral result of mixture management education with real human behaviour.


"Contemporary General Management Education: A Critique

The following paper is based on forty years of consulting to corporations world wide, plus experience as a faculty member teaching at business schools at UCLA, Stanford, Columbia, Tel Aviv and Hebrew U, as well as giving visiting lectures in universities where I have been awarded fifteen honorary doctorates.


Based on my experience, it appears to me that management education is failing to train those women and men who are relied upon to integrate all functions of management i.e. general managers.

Management education today is focused almost exclusively on functional disciplines. The integration is left to the business school graduates who have to learn the ropes by themselves, on the firing line. Not easy. Not right either.

Furthermore, our focus in training and developing future leaders is on INDIVIDUALS  and my experience is that such an individual who can perform  all the relevant tasks  does not and can not exist.

Our training is culturally biased  in favor of individualism and competitiveness, rather than collaboration, which is what is needed.

We  are not just failing in the United States and Europe.  We are now spreading this failure worldwide by opening business schools wherever there appears to be a market, causing collateral socio-political damage.

1.0 The Role of Management

Before describing and analyzing where we are failing, let me first define what management  (or leadership) is about, as I see it. ..."

Dr.Adizes described one by one what exectly is wrong in The Role of Management, Decision Making, The Ideal Executive, Management as a complementary team, How we Handle Conflict, Biased Reward System and others important points of modern business strategy comes from the education. Read the complete article here

So modern management focuses on things not so good in long run, focuses on an Ideal figure which doesn`t exists from one hand, and allowes unconsciousness human behaviour leads in too much competitive style from the other hand. That`s why many organization has unharnessed conflicts being unable to extract an essential part of a conflict. The extremal result of such management style illustrates by my triptych "Organization without Trust and Respect" (you can see it full size in my Gallery 2013  ).






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