World Culture Event: Russian Avant-garde Exhibition`s Fresh Report
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 25 March 2015 at 12:29 AM

Hello everybody, today I was so lucky so received the invitation to the opening of new big cultural event. The exhibition will be opened for visitors tomorrow, and today it was the special day for journalists etc, so I attended to it. Here it is my small art-report. The event was organized in so fine way so everything works in unison. At the entrance it was the small orchestra playing music:

The special feature of that exhibition is it is rare collection of peaces of arts from private owners collected in one place. The collection includs art works of the most well known Jewish artists who contributed the Russian avant-garde, so you can see how international that direction of arts was. Aesthetics is one of the most misterious product of collective subconsciousness, so Russia Avant-garde, the well-known world brand, started to mark exceptional changes in the society. Yes, as a manifestation of collective subconsciousness it is significant.

That piece of art is something with features of sculture and painting. It named ‘Torso’ by. V. Yankelevsky

The text on that painting is "I have a crisis in my work so I am confused and don’t know what to do" . It was the part of old exhibition and I bet, it made some waves around. Seems naive, but just imagine, are you able to put something like this into your CV? No? I hope so. So this is the mark of crazy artists to do such things.

(I guess, the artist made that art object at the end of monday.)

That one was awarsome because It was unexpectable. The real camp-cot with painting on the fabrick which was placed right on the wall.

That one also marked as painting. The idea of the artist was, he wrote about lost part of one exhibition. Although it seems strange, it made waves in cultural community because of the idea: the painting represented the plan of lost paintings. That idea, I bet, stucked minds into a kind of shok, so the result was good.

This is a piece of metal with the text "Iron Curtain". It represents,,, the Iron Curtain. It means a lot for people who knew it by own Soviet experience. I knew it too as a suffocative athmosphere with zero possibilities to breath. To make a contrast, I stretch my hand with my business cards to stress the fact I overcame the Iron Curtain and now make some new curtain in my art.

It was a lot of people on the exhibition so it was difficult to make shots. That one I did at the free space:

Ilia Kabakov is well known avant-garde brand, that painting is anormously big more then 5 metres length and represents something soviet-brave like "Hello Motherland". He did that painting on the wood billboard which I hope was taken from legal place.

Our aesthetics is our own. We can like or dislike a style of a painting by our own reasons. Russian avant-garde was the movement against old world, partly forbidden, which represented the collective mood of the period. That`s why this collection is the part of human histiory, frozen mood of strange times. This is the main methor to estimate a peace of art, to learn is it reflects a collective subconsciousness of the time represented, or not.

So, the exhibition is a kind of time machine. And, after all, it represents brave efforts of the curators and organizers who put so much attention to bring all of that voluable pieces of art from different private collections to that place. I could imagine how challenging it was!

It made the exhibition a rare cultural event.

And for the end of the story one more selfie. The place is not so good but it was the only I could take the full size piicture. Why I did it, I don`t know, just the background was a good illustration to Avant-garde ideas, especially by Ilya Kabakov, so I did it.

With all of my respect for world culture,

sleepy Anna





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