2014 Art project “Adizes Corporate LifeCycle: energy vision”
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 28 February 2014 at 03:50 PM

Although we all interact as persons, LifeCycle represents by energies. It comes the same way as a season, sometimes it seems to be independent from human will. Sometimes we can change our energy. Anyway, this is the question of business and also of hunam life.

We, human, may be active and passive towards energies. A passive, reactive way is just to use the energy comes without our efforts, and take it by granted.

Thet way people waste, overuse and then try to drop the empty place. This is the way of waste of any resourses so the LifeCycle curve comes. That way a business can stuck in Adolescense or comes to Primature Aging, or to Salem city.

When we are proactive, we can change ourselves and so to be syncronized with energy we prefer to be. Obviously, both for business and for private life we want to be in Prime and Stable. So we should focus our efforts on energies and understand what`s we want to gain and what`s we need to drop or change. So energy vision is the base to gain synchronous with it.

The same way a psychology technigues works, for example affirmations, or to anchor the best physical state in NLP. We feel the prefer state first and then we change our current state towards it.

As the result of the 2014 Art project "Adizes Corporate LifeCycle: energy vision" it will be about 10 paintings in new technigue represents each energy of the main curve of Corporate LifeCycle. So human culture will be enriched by art objects represents our best science and practice of human life.






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