I`ve started preparation to CyberWar-1 film
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 14 February 2014 at 04:14 AM

Too long time passes while I think about CyberWar-1 YouTube film. It`s many anothers activities, also I didn`t understand clearly what and how. Many things seems completely new, many just complicated. Now I am starting.

I don`t know how many time it will take from me. Also Cyberwas-Section I isn`t revealed now. This is my first Social Project dedicates to my active position to help society to overcome several modern problems. I am sure, such project is the first in the world. Not just because I use specially invented technigues to paint. But because I was the witness of several events and investigated it personally in details while I painted it. All of my skills in science, self development and arts was involved in that process.


21 paintings was done in one month, April 2013.

No words more about. I can`t claim an obligation to show the result in particular time. Who knows, may be other important things will divert me. May be new project will come. May be I will do another film first just to try several ideas how to direct the movie better way.


May be I will compose own music. Who knows. Let it to existence.


Right now, standing in front of future Sustainable Development Art projects I realized the CyberWar was the proem to it. That`s why I feel things comes right way in right time. So important it is.


...and now I finished with the pictures and wanna to sleep.





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